Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

A job

When you do a bit of asking around, you find out quickly that Jacc Mandelbrot, head of security for the Royal Casino, has been hiring a private security force to help keep things safe at the casino during the tournament. With a little diligence, Ray sets up an interview with Mandelbrot about joining his security force. Jacc Mandelbrot is a large, boisterous man in his late 40s who has run security for the Emperor for decades, and though he is a shrewd businessman, he is friendly and excited to see capable beings taking an interest in the security of the tournament. After a few cursory questions about you (where you are from, what brings you to Cloud City, whether you have any outstanding warrants, and so on) and running your name through the Imperial database (which, with a bit of help from Aiala you were fine), Mandelbrot makes you an offer: provide security for all four days of the tournament at a rate of 500 credits per day. During that time, Mandelbrot will arrange special permits for you that allow you to carry your normal weapons, ignoring Cloud City’s usual restrictions. If you accept his offer, Mandelbrot gives you your weapon permits immediately and tells you when to arrive and where to go. During the tournament, you will guard the doors, helping to ensure that no one gets in with an illegal weapon.

Raymus shakes Jacc’s hand and smiles happily. “Mr. Mandelbrot, I accept, thank you for giving me this opportunity.”


Chanfan JL_Sentinel

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