Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

A mother of a guest.

You head over to the Yerith Bespin Hotel to get a room figuring that’s the best place to get close to your mark. Or for that matter to find your mark. The Yerith Bespin is one of the oldest and finest hotelestablishments on Cloud City. Every room is spectacularly appointed, and it’s easy to imagine that only hotels on Coruscant are nicer. If the heroes stay in the Yerith Bespin, their every need is addressed by the hotel staff, and they can spend their downtime enjoying almost any luxury activity found in upscale hotels throughout the galaxy. The opulent Yerith Bespin hotel is decorated extravagantly and is clearly one of the finest establishments in the galaxy. Beautifully woven carpets stretch from one side of the lobby to another, and crystalline chandeliers hover overhead, casting scintillating light down on the guests below. To one side of the room, a row of fine wooden desks house computer terminals for hotel employees, each of whom is helping finely dressed guests check in. One guest, however, seems to be taking issue with the service and is berating the hotel employee tending to her so loudly that everyone in the lobby has turned to stare. The Human female, dressed in the style of Core nobility, speaks with a precise accent even as she shouts at the desk worker, complaining about how unsuitable she finds the accommodations. Just across the lobby, a small entourage of four Humans and two near human women waits patiently for the shouting customer to air her complaints. They also notice that the two women near humans appear to be identical and are watching the woman’s every move carefully and seem to be scanning the room looking for threats at the same time—clearly, they are bodyguards of some sort. You notice one other important detail. The four male humans are very similar; in fact, they could be quadruplets and are distinguished only by the scars they bear. After a few moments, the argument at the desk subsides, and the noblewoman seems to be mollified. She briskly strides over to her entourage and begins issuing orders in hushed tones while the hotel staff rushes off, apparently to see to her requests. The noble gathers her party and stalks off into the streets of Cloud City. The two women, attired in padded jumpsuits with small pieces of armor attached at the shoulders, thighs, and forearms, stand close to a Human woman who is obviously of nobility, and likely from a Core world. Wait…she looks a lot like TeeO’s mom! While the trio remain close together, the four nearly identical men carrying blaster rifles fan out and take up positions as if looking to defend a bunker on a war-torn battlefield.

Drax kneels down to one knee in front of Crash.”I need you to follow her, pal.” He whispers. “Just keep your distance and see where she goes. Signal me when they arrive wherever they’re headed.”

As the small astromech whirls around and pursues “TeeO’s Mother”, Drax turns and makes his way to the front desk. “Whew! Talk about attitude!” He says to the unnerved employee. “Who was that lady, so i’ll know not to tick off in the future?” He says trying to appear friendly. “Also I need to my hotel key. I believe you have my reservation.”


Chanfan Doubledeuce

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