Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope



Episode VII


The search for answers is ongoing. Friends have become enemies and enemies, friends over the last few weeks. Powerful allies have been gained and lost. Friends have abandoned them and saved their lives. They have done some life saving themselves. Now there are but a handful left of the stalwart heroes that began this journey as members of the Tempest’s Hand. Drax Akari, Raymus Antilles, Aiala Soruu, Terran Mobodu’wan, Lrroowwrr, and Daken Catesbiana. With the help of a few droids, Seven Ay and Crash. Now their identities have been compromised and they are wanted men and women. Still struggling against oppression everywhere, they can, with the help of the resistance and a few powerful allies like Luke Skywalker, maybe make a difference and hold true to the legacy that Maya Ariel once pushed them toward.





“Thank you all for coming. I know you all had a long night last night with the after party and celebration. Unfortunately, it has to be a short lived celebration for now. We all have work to do. I’ll turn it over to Admiral Swood for an update on the replicant droid. Admiral…”

“Thank you Admiral, and congratulations on your promotion. We have finished processing the data from ‘Dasha’s’ head and thanks to Aiala, we now know who is behind it. Commander?”

Aiala stepped up with her prepared notes. “As an explanation of my actions during the recent jailbreak, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened first. Admiral Swood arranged for me to be able to escape my cell so that I could pretend to be Commander Omega and ‘fake’ an escape for our friend Lash. I would like to add that I did this without Captain, I mean Admiral, Virana’s knowledge but we had to be sure there wasn’t a secondary leak. I instructed Lash, as Commander Omega, to escape and that I would get TeeO. Knowing he probably had already received orders, I followed him to the research facility. Unfortunately, I couldn’t prevent the near death of our friend Daken. But we did gather valuable knowledge. I knew if he got his hands on the data, he would immediately try to upload it to the Alliance facility involved. We traced that transmission and have discovered it leads to the newly constructed Tempest’s Tower on Coruscant. It is here that we think Wrath is secretly directing the funds and resources for Project Revelation. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on my codes anymore to get us into the tower but we have another clue offered by Ray’s fiance’ Teresa. Teresa?” The svelte young darkskinned girl stood up, obviously nervous to speak in front of an audience. “I worked with a man named Lesan Dos from the ISB office on Coruscant when I was a slave directing communications on Dantooine.” She quickly sat back down. Aiala picked up where she had left off. “Lesan Dos is on the list of competitors for the Sabacc tournament on Cloud City. We, of course, don’t think this is a coincidence.” Aiala sat back down and Admiral Swood took back over. “We would like you to compete in the tournament and see if we can get the codes off of Mr. Dos or at least coerce his cooperation. But we must be careful. The Emperor will be in attendance and security is sure to be high.” TeeO jumped to his feet. “What about my mother!?” Admiral Swood couldn’t help but grin. “And perhaps we could find out if this woman really IS TeeO’s mother.” Ray showed concern, “How will we know this Lesan Dos?” “We have no photos of him but Teresa should be able to identify him.” Ray started to protest. Teresa cut him off. “Don’t worry Ray. I want to help.” Any questions? Please consult the packets you’ve each received containing notable players in the tournament. Please decide amongst yourselves who will compete for Ariel industries. Our fake business front named in honor of the late Maya Ariel.” The packet contained the following notable competitors: Creeska Silas Draver Lady Mirana Fioro Koroma Moro Vorn Zaday

“Now please watch the following Holonet News report to get an idea of what TeeO’s mom might look like.” Romi winked at the boy. Emperor Mobodu’wan and a beautiful blonde spotted yesterday. Is there a possible new Empress in our future? Emperor Bodo Mobodu’wan was spotted out on the town in the upper Palisades portion of Sector 246 Coruscant, Coruscant station with a fresh young blonde on his arm. The bachelor Emperor is known for his free living lifestyle and is the idol for millions of sentient species across the galaxy. Could this be the girl he’s been looking for? Millions wait with baited breath to see if she will attend the Intergalactic Annual Sabacc tournament held at the Royal Casino on Cloud City next week where the Emperor is slated to make an appearance. Security is tighter than normal for the tournament where thousands hope to catch a glimpse of the Emperor hanging out with some of his favorite Sabacc stars. This reporter has been told that the beautiful blonde is a Princess from a planet in the Core Worlds and hopes to bring happiness to our already wonderfully happy leader!


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