Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

Digging deeper

“Room Service!” Drax stared confused at the door while his comlink lit up. “Just a second!” He made his way to the door, digging through his overcoat looking for the beeping device. Opening the door, a human with a neural implant device wheeled a cart into the room. Drax protested, “I didn’t order any…” His protest was cut off by the opening of the domed lid on the cart’s plate. In the center of the plate rested a datachip. The human smiled and backed out of the room. “If that will be all.” “Yeah, thanks.” Drax answered his comlink. “Drax here.” Gresik’s voice breaks over the comlink. “Didja get my lunch order?” “Yeah buddy. I got it.” Drax slipped the chip into his communications center and slid into his chair.

Missive from Coruscant: Transaction codename REVELATIONS065824 set to occur during Cloud City Sabacc Tournament as planned. The Twilek has assured us that his agent will be present to receive the handoff. An officer from the Assiduous will be taking part in the tournament. The transaction will occur during play so as to avoid arousing suspicion. You are responsible only for observing this transaction and making sure that the Twilek’s agent does nothing to endanger the secrecy of the arrangement. Under no circumstances are you to interfere with the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, send a confirmation message to Coruscant standard relay 88-Shen- Xesh-3, then return to Byss. No further instructions will follow.

According to Gresik, Crash was able to tap into the city’s central computer to keep an eye on all communications and sensor data flowing through spaceport control. Moments ago, an Imperial I class Star Destroyer whose transponder identified it as the Assiduous dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of the system, escorting a Gallofree Yards Medium Transport (callsign Shackles of Dantooine). The Star Destroyer launched a single Theta-class shuttle, which set a course for Bespin. The Assiduous promptly jumped to lightspeed, leaving the Medium Transport behind. Though Gresik doesn’t think that a single shuttle will bring much trouble, she warns you to be on the lookout for an Imperial presence.


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