Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

Happy Beginning

Raymus stood in front of the alter, Virana stood facing him. Raymus mind raced with questions causing him to shift his stance and look around nervously. “Psst” Getting Ray’s attention, he turned and looked in the direction of the noise. Drax spoke in a whisper. “You ok? You sure you don’t want to wait? I mean..” Ray shook his head “I’ll be fine. Thanks again for being here.” Drax smiled proudly. “There’s no way I miss this. Besides, being the best man has it’s responsibilities.” The sudden music startled them both, they looked toward the entrance.

Everyone had gather for Raymus and Teresa’s marriage. Luke, Leia, Aiala, TO and other close friends. Drax of course was chosen as the best man and Virana was marring the couple. The wedding went as planned and afterwords the celebration.

Later that evening Raymus talked with Drax;

“Teresa and I have talked and…”

“About…” Drax questioned

“We’re going to ask T.O. if he would like to come with us, be a part of our family.”

Drax didn’t seem surprised. “Good, I know he’ll be safe.”

Raymus changed the subject. “Though I’m not going with you to Master’s Luke academy, If you need anything, don’t hesitate…”

Drax interrupted “I know, and same goes for you as well.”


Chanfan JL_Sentinel

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