Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope


Crash follows the well protected woman into the street where the throngs of people are intimidated out of the way. Her whole personality changes as she becomes her public self. The crowds of people cheer her as they recognize her as the Emperor’s new girlfriend. A mob forms around her as people struggle to get a look at the new ‘chosen’ date of the beloved Emperor. Crash soon loses her in the crowd.

Using his newfound powers of persuasion, Drax deftly maneuvers himself into a suite at the hotel across the hall from their newest problem guest. Her name, according to records, is Baroness Kithriss a wealthy noble from Chandrila. The logs show that prior to coming to Bespin, she spent a great deal of time on a political retreat in the Deep Core, seemingly at Mobodu’wan’s behest. Baroness Kithriss’s messages include instructions to meet up with her “retainers” and travel to Bespin, securing accommodations at the Yerith Bespin hotel and awaiting further instructions. She is to maintain complete communications silence except to receive instructions on her hotel computer. The Baroness is in possession of her hotel access card.


Chanfan Chanfan

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