Jek Quee

A hardened scout from Mustafar, driven by revenge and a quest to find a killer.


Gear as off 11-16-10

Vibroblade in concealed sheath
Blaster Rifle with retractable stock (Enhanced low light scope) 5 (50 round) energy cells
Armored Flight suit (worn while adventuring)
Space Suit (on board ship)
Wrist mounted long range comlink
Data Pad (20 empty data cards)
Electro Binoculars
Fusion Lantern
Aquata Breather x2
Field kit
7 days extra rations
Syntharope (45m)
2 rolls Meshtape
Medical kit
Utility Belt
Power Recharger

One brand new: Armtech 74-Z speeder bike with second seating removed to hold extra gear.

Credits remaing : 17665


-4.2 standard years
…three days from nowhere and I was getting tired; physically, mentally, morally. The damned dry heat, incessant thirst and the feeling that regardless how hard I tried pushing my lava flea we would never catch the bastard before he got off world. Off world, heh, whatever the hell that is. All I remember of any world is this hell hole. Mom and dad told me I was born on a periphery world called Dantooine but all I remember is Mustafar. Being the only human kid in a predominantly alien mining colony was not much fun, well not much fun for me. The miners and foreman were natives and their little runty spawn seemed to find nothing better to do than play a game of “Beat the crap out of the hairless primate” on a more than daily basis. I guess that is why dad started taking me out more and more on his scouting missions for the company. It is funny that the place I hate the most has the best memories for me. Dad took his engineering job seriously and he took a hands on approach for scouting new mining opportunities. Dad was great and I loved spending time with him. He taught me to shoot, ride, hunt and use more than my eyes to see a situation. Gah!!! How I miss him…which brings me back to my present situation.

Kreeg Visk is a Rodian who was hired on three months ago to beef up security for the company. According to dad this fellow came so cheap because he was a wanted assasin/mercenary on several core worlds and that he figured Visk was just going to spend a few years out on the periphery while things cooled down. Mom said for me to steer clear, finish my apprenticeship with dad, keep my nose out of any company politics, and she would see me shipped off planet to New Alderaan or some other core world for more formal education. I only had two months left of actual work before I turned 17 and then I could choose to take a full time job with the company (Not frigging likely) or take the folks up on their word to send me spinward to a core world for college. I really got the biggest impression that mom was worried I would started eyeing mustafarians as potential mates and she really just wanted me to meet a nice girl (ie..human girl) and settle down someplace and start giving them grand kids.

Visk ruined all of that…

Dad received a short range comunication about an accident in the hab complex and we needed to get back asap. We were 2 days out from the nearest landing pad for any air vehicles and lava fleas are dependable but slow mounts. Dad would not tell me what wrong, but I could tell from expression that something terrible had happened.

(too be finished later)

Jek Quee

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