Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

The past.

“Don’t look at me that way, Drax. I’m not the cold heartless person you think I am.” She pushed herself away.

“I found out about it when you got back from Mondu Codru. During debriefing, TeeO told me everything. It was then that I knew…” Aiala hangs her head. It was then that I knew that my father really is behind more than he lets on.”

She turns to look at you in your eyes. “That’s why I think you’re special. The mere fact that you’re trying to save ME proves that you know how to use your power. You have no idea how powerful you really are. You have the greatest genetic material ever conceived flowing through your veins. But what makes you better, what makes you the perfect choice, is your heart. You honestly struggle with using your power. It’s whats holding you back. That’s what will prevent you from becoming my father. And Revan’s weakness was the call of the dark side. He didn’t have me. You do. I’m going to be standing behind you the entire way as that voice that’s already seen the dark side. Already been there and done that. I’ll keep you on the straight and narrow.”

Aiala took a deep breath, causing her ample bosom to push the limits of her flight suit. “Drax. I believe in you. What’s more, I plan on removing any obstacle to your climb for greatness. That includes your own inhibitions. Therefore, I want you to feel completely comfortable with me. Ask me anything. Anything you want to know.”

Drax thought for a moment. This 180 degree swing in her emotions had left him a bit frazzled. He knew he had tons of questions to ask but they had all left him high and dry at the moment. Finally he spoke the first one to come to his lips. “Tell me about your past.”

Aiala’s eyebrows arch obviously in surprise to your question. Her hand rushes to her mouth and she barely holds back her tears. “I don’t want you to look at me any differently Drax. I fear youll hate me if you know the truth.”

She hangs her head and tears drop onto her lap where her hands are folded over one another. You watch one hand move as she reveals the datachip she retrieved from Inquisitor Thule.

“I lied to you Drax. I’ve already looked at the datachip. It brought back bad memories. I think he planned on somehow downloading my current thoughts onto it and adding them to Omega. You’ll see them eventually, and I DO want you to trust me.” Sobbing, she wiped her eyes for the last time.

For the next two hours, she lays out in detail every moment of interest in her last 23 years.

5 BBY Romi Swood gets pregnant with child, Bodo Mobodu’wan is the father. Shamed for his daughter, Boros Swood sends her away to relatives to have the child claiming she is attending the Military Academy. As soon as her daughter is born she is separated from the child and sent back to the Academy for real. Romi is 16 when the child is born and leaves a locket that contains a holo of herself and her real father, Bodo. Bodo never learns of his child by Romi and Romi is ‘encouraged’ to forget. Her new parents name her Aiala Soruu and adopt her as their own.

1 ABY Attends Military school.

12 ABY Graduates with honors from Military Academy with a commission as Ensign. —Changes name to Aiala Omega to separate her from wealthy parents.

13 ABY Enters Special forces (Stormtrooper) school for ARC training. —Catches the eye of Admiral Daala after witnessing her reveal Force powers on the testing grounds. Moved to Imperial Royal Guard training. —Kills every member of her class in training for Royal Guard duty. Emperor Mobodu’wan recruits her to for Inquisitor training. Moved to Byss inside the Citadel Inquisitorius to further Jedi Hunting skills.

14 ABY Assigned to Star Destroyer Assiduous where she meets her mother after 19 years.

15 ABY After 20 years, she meets her real father Bodo Mobodu’wan who makes her special attache’ to the Emperor. Her ship is reassigned to TCS Chimaera 1107-ACH where she answers to Darth Wrath, but in reality is assigned to him by Tempest to spy on him. Darth Wrath discovers her intentions and strikes deal with Jolok Tu’dah, crime lord, to have a Human Replicant Droid, memory wiped and appearance changed to replace Omega. Wrath followed Omega to Dantooine where she discovered Wrath had secretly been mining Oluthim gas which is used in the manufacture of HRDs. During the ensuing battle, Wrath admitted to a plan to unite his forces with Tu’dah’s and the former Black Sun which encompassed the old Bounty Hunter’s Guild and build an army of assassin HRDs. They would then lure the Rebellion into a fight with forces loyal to Darth Tempest and use the army of HRDs to assassinate everyone who stood in their way. Claiming the throne in the power vacuum that would no doubt be left. Critically injured, Omega’s limp body was turned over to Tu’dah as a gift where he took sick pleasure in rebuilding her with robotic parts and keeping the daughter of Bodo as his personal slave. She was replaced with a replicant by Wrath to do his bidding and report what Bodo knew.

During her time spent with Jolok, she was tortured and purposefully addicted to the spice Tempest to keep her from using her force powers. She speaks with horror about her treatment and how she escaped only to be captured and returned by members of the Iron Ring slave ring. At the end of her story, her eyes and dry and have a stoic look in them like she could cry no more over that time of her life. She waits in silence for you to process and digest your new information.

Drax sighed deeply. “Ay…” he hesitated, looking for the right thing to say. “I guess we’re all damaged goods, in one way or another.” Drax reached out as he spoke, wiping the remaining tears from Aiala’s cheek. In the short while that he had known her, this was the most vulnerable he had seen her. His heart ached for her.

“We gotta stop this cycle of death and greed and revenge.” He said, regaining his composure. “If we’re going to stop your father and Wrath, then we’ve got to do it differently. We have to have the people on our side, and we’ve got to keep them there after we’ve won. We need to be aggressive, but not merciless. If you believe i’m the key to stopping them then i’ll do whatever I can to make it happen, but I won’t compromise on this.”

Aiala smiled warmly at Drax for a moment before reaching across and pulling him to her. Their lips met and they embraced passionately. Moving to stand, their legs became entangled causing them both to fall to the cold metallic floor of the cockpit. Neither bothered getting up.

The Long Trip Home

Drax entered the cockpit of the Smilin Sarlaac witha grim look on his face. The mission had been a complete success by all accounts. They had not only liberated Dantooine from Imperial control, but had managed to get thier hands on a now decapitated RD, in the form of Dasha, the togruta pilot that had been one of their companions since being drawn into this conflict. That coupled with 7-A’s footage of the imperial mistreatment of the Dantari along with their subsequent liberation would go a long way to help their cause.

“Why the grim look? peeved because Ray and Teresa have kicked you out of the bunk?” Aiala asked. She sat at the ships controls with her feet propped up, relaxing as the ship trekked through hyperspace.

“No.” Drax replied cooly as he came to sit beside her. “Those two need some time alone. This is about us. You and I…”

Aiala gave a sly grin. “Is this about back on the speeder bike? I know you didn’t mean to grab me there. Or did you…” as she spoke, Aiala leaned closer to Drax, running her hand up his thigh, playfully.

“What? No! Stop!” Drax jerked back defensively.

“I’m just playing…” Aiala held both her hands up in a defensive gesture. “What’s gotten into you?”

Drax closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He exhaled as he opened his eyes. “First before I say anything else, I need you to understand that I really care about you. I may even be falling in love with you. I have so much I want to say to you. I learned so much about myself back in the cave. I know now who I truly am and what my purpose is…”

Aila smiled reassuringly. “You’re Revan. Hero of the Repuplic.”

Drax shook his head. “No. I’m not. Revan was a great jedi and I can only hope to live up to his legacy, but i’m not him.

As Drax spoke, Aialas smile gradually dissappeared. She sat silently as he continued. “You’ve taken this idea of Revan and ran with it. You’re so obsessed with getting revenge against Wrath that you haven’t even thought about what it will cost you.”

“You have no idea what they did to me back there…” Aiala sneered. “Do you know what they do to the slave girls! How they break their wills!” Tears welled in her eyes as she yelled.

Drax sat calmly and let Aiala vent her anger before continuing on. “Ay, I’m sorry anout what happened to you. If there were anyway I could turn back time and prevent any of this from happening, I would.” Drax placed his hand on her shoulder as he continued. “You have people that genuinly care about you, Ay. It breaks my heart that instead of letting them in, you just use them to get what you want.”

“What’s that supposed to mean!” She swatted his hand away.

“Me.” Drax said. “You’ve pretty much had me wrapped around your finger from day one. I’d cross the galaxy for you, and you seem content to let me. You string me along with your flirtations, while sculpting me into this perfect weapon to aim at Wrath. You seem so in love with the idea of Revan that Drax falls to the wayside.”

Aiala looked as if her heart had been ripped out. “I never meant…”

Drax gave a faint, sad smile. “It’s alright, Ay. I just feel your in danger of falling to the dark side. I know your hurt. Everyone here has been hurt in one way or another. But we can’t lose ourselves yo desire for revenge. Once that happens, then you become Wrath. You have to be better than that. Otherwise, even in death he wins.

Aiala buried her head in her hands and weeped. Drax gently reached over and lifted her chin so she face him. He smiled warmly. “I’ll never give up on you. Not ever.”

They both sat in silence for a long time with nothing but the sounds of sobbing to keep them company. Finally, Aiala spoke with a calm confidence that belied anything she might be feeling. “What YOU don’t understand is that I’ve looked at this from both angles. I was trained at the Citadel Inquisitorius. They MADE you use the dark side. I’m not afraid of it anymore. I’m not ashamed to say, ‘I was born different.’ I’m better than others. This universe gave me a gift and I refuse to sit in a cave somewhere like Master Skywalker and be ashamed of it.” Aiala positioned herself so she was facing Drax. “You have it too. I’ve felt it, hell, we’ve all seen it. And with your lineage, well, obviously my father was trying to create the perfect weapon. I think he did it. So if I can control it I know you can.” Drax shifted uncomfortably and started to speak, “But just because you can handle it doesn’t mean you should use people…” Aiala cut him off, “Use you? I was pushing you. Making you use what you know. It’s a technique I learned at the Citadel. I saw how you flinched when a red blade came out of my lightsaber. These are taboos placed in your head by Maya and the Jedi. I don’t care what color a lightsaber is if it gets the job done. They told me at the Citadel that Inquisitors use red BECAUSE it scares people. It’s the will to use whatever means necessary to achieve your goals that separate us from the Jedi and the Sith. It’s what makes us stronger, and ultimately, what will push us over the top.” Aiala slid closer and touched Drax in a way he had never been touched. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “I’m going to make you the most powerful man in the galaxy. And I am going to love every minute of it.”

Drax slid back. “You knew it was your father that made me?”


Drax was still disoriented from the din of noise surrounding the Dantari victory when he reached the landing platform. The large black ship, now identifiable as a Gallofree Yards Medium Transport, looked less impressive up close than it did when from the air. Quickly surveying the damage, Drax counted at least two Transdoshans, five Dantari, and a few Stormtroopers splayed out on the tarmac where they were cut down. His attention was immediately drawn to the body of a Togruta splayed out on the nosecose of the ship. Second, he noticed the markings near the nosecose that he had seen before…back on Cato Neimoidia. The house of Tu’dah. Drax rushed over to his friend while simultaneously reacting to the sounds of Aiala climbing up the platform behind him. Lifting her head off the ship, he was immediately drawn to the inordinate amount of blood dried to the metal.

Their discovery was interrupted by the sound of choking coming from their left. Ray emerged from the billowing black cloud of smoke with one arm around what must be his fiancé.

Dozens of Dantari and other races poured out as well choking on the fire’s emissions. Kneeling down Ray checked for any signs of life. “She’s alive” Looking up at Drax. “She’s got a lot of questions that needs answers. Drax, if you don’t mind, please see that Dasha is taken care of.” Ray stood up, with Teresa still holding on to him. As he walked away he waved at Drax. “I need some rest and some catching up to do.”

Drax kneeled at the youth’s side.

“Dasha! Dasha! Do you hear me?!” Drax tried for at least 3 minutes to rouse her before getting any response. Finally, the young girl opened her eyes in a slit.


Pushing herself up on one arm, Drax backed up giving her room to breathe. “Dasha, are you alright?”

“I took a bit ..of..a spill…didn’t I?”

“Dasha, what were you doing flying this ship?”

Dasha coughed, bringing up something that didn’t look healthy. “I was working for..” A flash of light and a hum associated with death cut her short. Literally.

Aiala stood above them both, Drax with a look of shock on his face, and Dasha with a look of peace. Aiala had severed her head completely from her body.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Drax cried, still rolling from what had happened.

“Calm down ..Revan. I’m surprised your senses didn’t pick up on this one sooner. Look closer.”

Aiala pointed the scarlet blade she wielded at the exposed neck of the former Dasha. Drax looked and forced himself to focus. There, hard to see but there, were exposed wires sticking out of what used to be the Togruta’s neck. “She was an HRD. Or rather, a TRD.” Drax’s look of confusion led her to elaborate. “She’s a replicant. Like Omega. Apparently they’re getting better at it. Now they aren’t just human replicants.”

Drax looked stunned. “How did you know?”

“Remember my friend I ran into?” Aiala pointed at the red lightsaber. “He told me a bit too much in his arrogance, right before I killed him. The former Inquistor Thule also had a datachip on him, I’m hoping it holds more info about the Revelations project.”

Their conversation was once again interrupted as a wash of hot air rolled over them. Almost a welcome relief from the smoke, the “Smilin’ Sarlacc” touched down at the other end of the landing platform. After a few minutes of whining gears, a panicked Seven-Ay and Crash warbled down the ramp. “Sir! Sir! I am so sorry to have moved the ship without your permission but we heard the battle over the Alliance’s channel for Hyperspace communications! You’ll forgive me if I had Crash tap into the Alliance computer and alter the codes for reentry. It prevented, I think, the landing of any further troops for the moment. The small asteroid belt that surrounds the planet is too dangerous to navigate without the codes and flight patterns for the safe route. Therefore, they’re too scared to take off or land. As long as we control the codes, we have a natural barrier to invasion. “Good work Seven,” Aiala sounded herself again. “We need to get back to the Resurgence though, Ray’s fiancé could probably use some medical treatment and we need to stop whomever the leak is……unless I just did.” Aiala pointed her still lit lightsaber at the head of Dasha Vee.

The big finale

Ailyn pointed a gloved finger at Drax as she stepped on board her ship, “The Bloody Credit”.

“Now when you get ready to hand over that cute little boy, you know how to find me.”

With that, she threw a holocard onto the landing deck and her ship began to close with her inside. Breaking the white noise generated by her engines firing up, the commander of the stormtrooper unit broke comm. silence.

“Turn around and return to your homes. Leave your weapons at your feet or we will open fire.”

Drax looked at Sartok who then both looked over at Ray who was eyeing the gap between the landing pads. There was at least 30 feet and 15 yards height difference with Ray holding the high ground. The communications aerial that stood nearby caught his attention. Using the force, Ray pushed the aerial over garnering the attention of the stormtrooper commander.


The aerial landed with a crash forming a makeshift bridge to the other landing pad. The Transdoshan pirates didn’t seem to happy and, even with their slow minds, figured out what was happening. The stormtroopers did an about face to aim at Ray’s back while he removed his belt and slung it across the aerial grabbing it on the other side. Leaping off the pad, he allowed his weight to carry him down like a zipline to the other pad. The Transdoshans opened fire not sure how many people were up there. This caused the stormtroopers to fire back unsure of who was firing at them. Sartok screamed and led the 40 odd Dantari into a lemming like charge against the back side of the stormtroopers. Like an animal backed against a cliff, the stormtroopers regimented actions fell apart. Screams of delight were mixed with screams of panic as the Dantari shoved most of the stormtrooper unit over the edge to their deaths. Drax approached the flabbergasted lieutenant and reached down to yank the grappling hook from his belt. Using the force, he took no small pleasure in trying to throw the lieutenant into the fire of the Transdoshans. Turning to face their real threat, he aimed the grappling hook directly at the viewing transparisteel window of the AT-AT. He fired just as the megawalker did. A huge explosion rocked the landing pad as Dantari and stormtrooper alike lost their balance and went scampering for cover. With the force as his guide, his aim was true as the grappling hook shattered the viewport and gave a pleasant ‘thunk’ sound as it buried into the far wall of the cockpit. Assuming he didn’t have much time before they messed with the liquid rope but not having much choice with the landing pad already starting to falter, he leapt with nothing but trees below him.

Ray had just rolled out of a tuck and landing when he spotted the last of the Dantari being herded onto the black ship. The Transdoshan slavers were shooting the remaining ones who weren’t moving fast enough and the doors were already staring to close. Teresa must be on board. Several attitude jets fired simultaneously as the black ship choked through it’s own smoke trying to break free from the planet’s gravity. Ray, anticipating their escape plans but not yet ready to give up, crouched down and closed his eyes squeezing them shut so that he could focus all of his strength on the ship. Focusing past the choking black smoke, laser bolts flying past him, and the enormous roar of the ship, he called upon his destiny as a future acolyte of the force to tether the ship with invisible ropes to the landing pad. It struggled against unseen forces battling Ray’s will with the force. The explosion from the AT-AT threatened to allow the ship to break free, gaining altitude and scorching the landing pad with white hot jets trying to escape, but with one last push from the force, Ray screamed at the top of his lungs and dropped to his knees slamming his fist into the concrete landing surface. The black ship, whining and spinning in it’s own black death shroud, lost control and plummeted the height of an AT-ST onto the deck plowing up the concrete into ribbons as the cockpit screeched and slid right up to within feet of Ray. Opening his eyes, he expected to see a world torn asunder and he wasn’t far from being satisfied. The ship lie in it’s death throes still belching sooty black clouds of smoke but from different parts of the ship. Small fires could be seen to start inside the ship. Ray was face to face with the pilot of the ship as ‘she’ had been thrown onto the nosecose. It was Dasha. The Togruta half child that had started this adventure with them. Many questions rattled through his skull but for now they would have to wait. Teresa was not out of danger yet.

Drax was halfway up the rope, about 50 feet off of the ground when he felt the tension give. Allowing for the half second he had before he went plummeting to his death, he summoned the force to leap upward another 15 feet to wrap the rope around the barrel of the exposed laser cannons in the mouth of the beast. The cannon continued to fire threatening to burn it’s way through his rope and ending his only reason for being alive right now. Looking around, he couldn’t for the life of him find any way to get out of this. Leave it to Aiala to help.


Hoping the voice did belong to Aiala, and trusting she knew what she was doing, he let go. The first bit of silence he’d heard since landing on this planet followed as wind rushed by his ears. Probably due more to the force than luck, he landed quite comfortably behind Aiala who was currently guiding a speederbike through the trees in the mountainous area. “HEY! IS THIS FUN OR WHAT?!” Her speederbike dipped suddenly narrowly avoiding the slaver’s black ship trying to take off. It forced Drax to grab certain parts of Aiala’s anatomy he normally wouldn’t have reached for. She laughed. “WHILE YOU’RE DOWN THERE…”

Drax pulled his hand back to rest on her thigh. “I THINK YOU MIGHT FIND MY WAIST MORE USEFUL RIGHT NOW…”

Looking down, Drax spotted a new addition to her equipment belt. A lightsaber.


Drax undid the catch on the ancient weapon and flicked the thumb switch. A scarlet colored blade sprang forth from the handle and just felt…right. The speeder dipped to the right making a long slow turn back to where they came from. As the sun disappeared from his view, something just as large entered it. The AT-AT had closed within 100 yards of the landing pad and was tearing it to shreds. Ray was missing and the black ship he had followed was belly up on the tarmac with smoke pouring out of it. It must’ve taken a direct hit from the AT-AT.

“WHAT’S THE PLAN?!” Drax shouted as they turned into the wind.


“WHAT DO YOU MEAN?” Drax was tiring of shouting.




More than just the AT-AT had turned it’s head toward the pair on the bike. Forty or more Dantari had gathered at the base of the communications tower oblivious to the danger to watch a new hero be born. Drax stood in the stirrups balancing his thighs on the back of his new love interest just as the behemoth decided to open fire with it’s twin Class II heavy laser cannons. Drax tried to channel the force into the lightsaber to prepare to deflect while Aiala swerved left and right easily out of the way.


A ring of light seemed to outline the electromagnetic control box right at the base of the neck. The force was starting to amaze him in more ways than stories. He watched the commander of the AT-AT turn his look to horror as they passed under the viewport and between the laser cannons. Drax’s arms moved on their own accord as they swiped upward and over slicing cleanly the cables that connected the box to the bulkhead. Aiala called on the force herself as the bike dipped with amazing speed underneath the beast to avoid colliding with the main body. Screams of metal on metal followed them under the walker as they shot out the back end of it between the legs and whipped through a grove of trees all the while Drax was peering over his shoulder. The first thing to happen was the legs noticeably stopped moving. The head strained against it’s own weight to stay up and fluid and other lubricants poured from the freshly cut wound like blood. The weight of all the armor, ironically designed to protect it, finally won out as the neck collapsed pulling the head down into the walker’s own legs. It wasn’t long then until the rest of the walker tumbled after it, the sheer weight of the monstrosity cutting it’s own legs out from under it. The cry of freedom drowned out the sounds of the AT-AT imploding.

Aiala brought the speeder bike to a stop, spinning it around at a ninety degree angle. From their vantage point the pai watched as the AT_AT crumble into a fiery heap of twisted metal.

Squeezing her tightly around her waste with one arm, Drax deactivated the lightsaber and placed it back on Aiala’s belt. “How’s that for some fireworks.” he whispered into her ear. “You are SO romatic.” Drax let his smile fade into a serious look. “Ay,We need to talk…” He said. “Later. After the celebration.” She deflected.

Aiala turned the speeder and gently cruised back to the awaiting celebration. “REVAN! REVAN! REVAN!” The amassed Dantari cheered. Drax blushed at the adoration. “And a hero is born…” Aiala said, over her shoulder.

As the speeder bike came to a halt several of the Dantario rushed up and pulled the pair from it, and lifted the into the air. “REVAN! REVAN! REVAN!” They cheered. As they were pulled along the current with the crowd, Drax noticed Sartok also being carried along. The warrior gave Drax a cheerful grin and raised his hand up in victory.

Drax felt lost in the moment when a glannce over to the smoking wreckage of the slaver’s ahip drug him back to reality. “Ray!” He shouted, motioning for the crowd to let him down.

Back on his feet, Drax began pushing his way through the crowd. “Dra… Revan! Wiat up!” Aiala shouted as she chased after him.

Raymus entered the Transdoshan ship through the now opened cockpit. Broken glass laid everywhere, some covered in blood that Ray assumed belonged to Dasha. He never looked back at Dasha as he left the cockpit door, advancing further into the ship. If it weren’t for the emergency lights, it would be pitch black, some lights flickered making it harder to see. Raymus heard shouts and pleas, it had to be were the slaves were being held and so he tracked the sounds.

Raymus used the force to sense his surroundings, he ran to the nearest group of slaves. Raymus screamed out “TERESA!” desperately looking for her. The few slaves he picked up asking the whereabouts of Teresa was starting to frustrate Ray when they shook their heads no. He closed his eyes, using the force he reached out with the force searching for Teresa. It felt like he was floating above her he could see her, but couldn’t touch her. Looking at her surroundings. A symbol was written on the side of the wall. He quickly opened his eyes, he saw a different symbol in the room he was at.

Moving from room to room, he finally came to one that had the same symbol. He took a quick look around. “TERESA!” A dark haired figure’s head looked up, the white of her eyes were the only thing visible, her face covered in dirt, Ray rushed to her. “Teresa!” “Ray?” Speaking while fighting back her tears. “Ray, is it… really you?” Raymus knelt down and hugged her, holding her close to him. “It’s me, I’m sorry…” Neither could hold back their tears and for a few minutes cried. Raymus helped Teresa up, wiping her tears away, he leaned in and kissed her.

Raymus carried Teresa out of the ship, not because of any injuries, but he didn’t want to let her go. As he walked through the ship, he yelled at the other slaves to hurry up and get out as well, they were free.

Upon exiting the ship, still holding Teresa, followed by hundreds of slaves he saw Drax and Aiala hovering over Dasha. Putting Teresa down, she held on to Raymus’s arm, they walked over to where Drax was. Kneeling down he checked for any signs of life. “She’s alive” Looking up at Drax. “She’s got a lot of questions that needs answers. Drax, if you don’t mind, please see that Dasha is taken care of.” Ray stood up, with Teresa still holding on to him. As he walked away he waved at Drax. “I need some rest and some catching up to do.”

Showdown continued

“…do YOU know of the Mandalorians?!” Ray’s consciousness was fading in and out at this point. He could hear arguing. Most likely one of the voices was coming from the armored individual currently standing behind him and holding on to his collar. He could also hear Drax somewhere. He forced his eyes wide trying to stretch them to stay open. The sting of salty blood stabbed him in the eye causing him to squint. He rapidly opened and shut his eyes trying to dilute the stinging. Right now, the world outside was slowly fading into view. He decided to sit here and listen. Drax’s voice took over. “I know what it’s like to thirst for knowledge. To ache from a hole in your past that you can’t seem to fill. I didn’t even know who I really was until last week. I thought my father was dead, but it turns out he wasn’t my father at all…” Ailyn’s eyes arched under her helmet. “My personal needs aside, I wouldn’t be much of a bounty hunter if I let personal concerns jade my decisions and my duty to fulfill a mission. A job taken is a job finished. That’s the Mandalorian way.” From Ray’s unique viewpoint above the landing pad, he could see down to the towers installation and the landing pad opposite theirs. His vision had just cleared enough to make out a black ship that had smoke rolling out from behind it. Three Transdoshans were currently herding Dantari aboard it like cattle. “They’re trying to leave!” Ray’s thoughts escaped him and slammed into Drax’s mind. Drax’s face was devoid of the pain he just received as Ray forced himself into his mind. “You were right Ailyn, you have something we want and we have something you want. And we both want to walk away from here with as little bloodshed as possible. Sometimes a completed mission doesn’t necessarily mean completed in the fashion you are used to.” Ray focused his mind and let his tension drift away. When he reopened his eyes, they were like that of a Kessel hawk. He zoomed in on the slaves boarding the black ship. Several of them weren’t Dantari. One of them…TERESA!” Ray sat bolt upright causing Ailyn to choke him with his own collar and force the barrel of a heavy blaster pistol into his temple. “Throw me the holocron and I’ll throw you your friend. AND I’ll throw in letting you walk away with your lives.” The shaking of the ground had started from the AT-AT nearing.

Drax reached into one of the pouches in his belt and produced the holocron. He felt as if he were giving away a piece of himself, but somehow he felt he’d be getting a good return on this investment. “Fine he said as he tossed the cube to the Bounty Hunter. Letting go of Rays coller, she simultaniously gave the battered soldier a sharp kick to the back as she extended her now free hand and caught the holocron. “Just one more thing…” Drax spoke up. “You do know that Omega is working for us now, don’t you?”


Martyr’s Plaza is a picture of dichotomy. The ornate central stone dome is covered in scrollwork and decorative bas reliefs of Dantari history. A hatch sits atop the dome, its thick metal etched with golden colors. Standing around the dome are three 15-meter-tall statues. Each depicts a Dantari in robes, arms extended and face tilted up to the sky. Though the statues are noble and moving, they are also centuries old. Each shows signs of wear from the elements, and their bases are cracked and worn away. One of the statues leans slightly, and the others don’t seem securely set in their mountings. Marring this peaceful and holy place are the ugly scars of Imperial occupation. Three armored turrets sit between the statues, blasters tracking the outer rim of the plaza. Walking in patrol around the dome is an All-Terrain Scout Transport, a massive war machine armed with twin blaster cannons, twin light blasters, and a grenade launcher. The walker seems undamaged and is alert for possible trouble. The humidity of the planet became apparent as Drax raised his arm to symbolize readiness and felt the rush of collected sweat down his neck. This was it. Six months ago, he sat in a jail cell on Cloud City. Now, he was about to drop his hand and lead a band of primitive warriors into battle against a much stronger and technologically advanced foe. If the Ewoks could do it, he felt sure these subhumans could. His arm dropped. The next half hour at least seemed to last an eternity. He must’ve detached himself from his body as he doesn’t remember actually killing anyone. But there must’ve been bloodshed. Standing in the remnants of an Imperial Shield generator, Aiala raised her thumb up to wipe blood from his cheek. He flinched. His memories reminded him why. Now the battle came back to him. Aiala was vicious. Cold and calculating, she must’ve cut down three stormtroopers to everyone else’s one. He vaguely remembers a gleam in her eye reminiscent of pleasure. He had seen that look before. It was the sweet taste of revenge. She was living vicariously through the deaths of these troopers, projecting it on Darth Wrath. It scared him. Suddenly, his thoughts snapped back to Ray. “Ray!” Grabbing an assault rifle off of a dead trooper, he bolted through a window devoid of transparisteel. Aiala didn’t follow. Her abilities were needed elsewhere and a quick mind note between the pair settled the matter. The sounds of distant combat echo from every street as the city erupts into widespread violence. The smell of smoke and burned insulation becomes thick enough to reach you even through your filter masks. A loud clap of thunder announces the opening of heavy blaster artillery bombarding the city from the base of Mount Antas. One of the heavy bolts arcs into the city near you, and a wave of debris showers over you as a building takes a direct hit. The massive shield generator is incomplete but is already the biggest structure in or near the city. While the eastern third is finished, the rest is a mass of unfinished framework and construction platforms. The far western section of the frame has a platform many meters in the air, with a cloakshape fighter docked next to it. The Mandalorian you’ve come to know and love in battle armor stands at the edge of the platform and beckons to you. She holds a Ray in her hand and touches her throat. Her voice booms out over the distance. She also holds a datachip. “Is this what you’ve caused all this difficulty over? Is this why a request was made to Aldera University about this dustball? Well, then, come and get it from me. Inquisitor Omega will pay me well for bringing her your battered bodies in manacles!” “Or maybe we can make a trade? You’ve got something I want…or should I say, someone?” Sartok, unseen before now, steps up to your side. Bloody from the conflict, he holds a blaster in one hand and waves forward at least 40 Dantari with the other. “We have your back brother.” With the rush of adrenaline still in your body you are feeling your youth as you shout back, “It looks like I am in the position of power for bargaining…” Your boast is cut short by the ground shaking. Over the landing pad, the back wash of 7 MAAT blows dust and debris into your face. With military precision, at least 40 more stormtroopers rappel onto the landing platform. “Perhaps you would like to rephrase that?” She says as she is drowned out by the sound of a AT-AT walker in the distance. Perhaps coming this way.

Drax gritted his teeth as he watched the AT-AT approach. It was still too far away to be a threat, but Drax knew as soon as it reached the battlefield the battle would be over. Looking over at the mandalorian bounty hunter then down at his fallen comrade, laying at her feet, Drax gave a relaxed, knowing smile. Of course he had no idea what he was going to do, but he had learned that a cool smile can sometimes help to throw an opponent off guard.

“What is your name, Mandalorian?” he asked. “You may call me Ailyn Vel.” She replied. “Now, if you’d be so good as to lay down your weapons, pehaps we may continue our… negotiations.”

Ingnoring her last comment, Drax continued. “Tell me, Ailyn, Do you know much about your mandalorian heritage?” SIntas din’t reply, but cocked her head to the side, showing at least some interest in what Drax was saying. “I happened to have recently come across a holocron. There’s much information on it, a great deal pertaining to Mandalorian culture some 4000 years ago.” As he spoke, Drax could hear Rays voice in his head. “I can take her.” it said. Drax glanced down to see Rays’ eyes flicker. “Not yet.” He projected back to his friend.

Drax returned his attention to the awaiting bounty hunter. “Help us out here and i’ll trade you a copy, once the dust settles.”

(1st i’m using adept negotiator on her, then rolling a persuade check, using a force point. remember 1d8 for the force point.)


Drax stood at the edge of the butte overlooking the valley where the city lay and mass casualties would probably begin shortly. He watched, with Aiala standing to his left and Raymus standing to his right, as Sartok made his way through the small path into the neighboring village. He watched with amazement as Sartok stopped at a designated building in each village on the way to the city just long enough to say one or two sentences and then leave. After his visit, the town would start to buzz with activity and eventually swarm like ants toward the city center. Soon small arms fire could be heard…it had begun. Drax pulled his “Imperial” hat down on his head that Veela had procured. “Let’s move.”

As they moved closer to the building housing the Imperial communications hub, Drax leane dover to Aiala and whispered in her ear. “You should probably do the talking. You have the most experience in the imperial military.” Aiala smiled. “I’ll see what I can do. Just be ready to throwdown, if it comes to it.”

Drax nodded and gave a glance over his shoulder to the shadows where he hoped Veela, Ray and a small group of Dantari freedom fighters were hiding, ready to move on Drax’s signal. Drax hoped he wouldn’t have to give that signal. Unfortunately, he had a feeling he would.

“I believe in you…” Rays voice echoed in Drax’s mind. “what is it?” Aiala asked, noticing Drax’s sudden uneasiness. “It’s Ray…” He said, trying to regain his composure. They were approaching the building. It was crawling with stormtroopers. On either side of the buildings entrance stood 2 massive AT-ST’s. The Walkers guns trained on the pair as they made their way closer. “I think he’s in trouble.” Drax said. “Well, there’s nothing we can do about it, now.” Aiala stated, never taking her eyes off the blast doors that would gain them entrance into the communications room. “With or without him, we’re commited.”

Weapon cache

Raymus took a group of Dantari’s and meet up with Sartok to overtake a barrack with a weapon cache. Sartok lead them to a building, kneeling down behind some cover he pointed it out to Ray. “Weapons are stored there; we have witness them being moved in.” Ray peeked over some rubble and acknowledged that this was the weapon cache. There were some vehicles for transport and an AT-CT for unloading. The building wasn’t large from what they could tell, and no guards were visible. The grass was tall enough to provide cover while they sneaked toward the building. Everyone waited for Sartok to give the signal. Raymus closed his eyes and reached out with the force, sensing for what laid in inside and possible traps. No traps, but at least 5 bodies were inside, all grouped together. Raymus looked at Sartok, holding up his hand with all his indexes out indicated the number of soldiers. Sartok nodded and gave the signal. Two of the Dantari stood up with sling shots and slung something toward the building. Hitting their target and covering the surveillance cameras, while the rest rushed the building, stopping at the walls near the door. Sartok looked at Raymus “The door, we do not have any means of breaking through.” Raymus looked at the door. “Right” Focusing on the door, in his mind he saw the door being ripped away from its hinges and within seconds that’s what happened. The door flew out past the party and crashed out on the lawn, the Dantari stormed in so quickly that they over took the building without a single shot being fired.

Raymus asked Sartok to bring forward a dozen of his warriors that he knew were quick learners, and spent a short time showing them how to shoot, aim, reload, clear a jammed weapon and some tactics. “Remember to watch out for crossing fire, you don’t want to end up shooting each other.” Raymus walked around helping with any question and giving pointers. A Dantari caught his attention as he ran by, toward Sartok and pulled him aside. Though Ray was unable to hear the conversation he knew something was happening and from the panic look on Sartok face, it wasn’t good. Ray ran over. “What’s wrong?” The massager shook his head. “They have a strike force and already on the move toward the communication building.” Sartok spoke with sadness in his voice. “Your friends will be caught from behind.” Ray didn’t hesitate and starting walking toward the exit. “Sartok, you don’t need me anymore, your men have the knowledge, but there’s too few still for a full out frontal assault.” Ray stopped at the exit looking back “I’ll stall this advancement, in the mean time get your forces together.” Before Sartok could say anything Raymus was gone.

(To be continued…)
Raymus came to a stop at the edge of the hill over looking part of the plains outside of the city. He could see the communication building, a line platoon of Storm Troopers with 3 AT-ST’s. Two other Dantari’s scout were off to the left of Raymus about 20 yards also watching. The line platoon consisted of 4 squads, a total of 36 soldiers, each squad led by a Lieutenant, totaling to 38 troopers. Each squad formed a row; four troopers side by side followed close by another four, leaving 5 feet separated from another squad. The Dantari’s watched with amazement as Raymus leaped off the hill onto the Troopers below.

Raymus landed right on top of a trooper, rolled into another one and stopped on his hands and knees. The squad he rolled into and the next squad upfront quickly surrounded Raymus reading their weapons. Raymus was looking at the ground, but could feel the guns being pointed at him. Calling up the force he repulsed them back, sending troopers crashing into each other. Screams of pain, bones breaking and bodies slamming onto the ground got the attention of the other two squads. Before Raymus had time to dodge out of the way, blaster bolts were buzzing toward him. No way of getting out of the way, Raymus quickly brought his hands up in front of him, calling the force a protective Force Shield absorbing all blaster bolts that would have hit. The troopers hesitated giving him an opening to attack. Force slamming the closes of the troopers taking out more then a dozen. Troopers suddenly fell the ground violently and didn’t move.

The sound of a AT-ST caught Raymus attention. The few troopers left begin to fall back toward cover and took shots at Raymus. Raymus Force shield that he was maintaining withstood a few of the shots, but one made it through catching him on the side of his arm, causing his shield to drop. Quickly Ray Force Focused on his Force shield just as the AT-ST fired on him. The first blaster cannon bolts whizzed bye, the heat and force caused Raymus to flinch. The next shot hit, though his Force shield kept Ray from being killed he was sent flying 10 feet landing and rolling to his side. Slowing standing, pain shot through his shoulder, he was unable to move it causing him to wince in pain.

Forgetting all about the troopers, blaster bolts came from different directions. Both of Ray legs shot caused him to fall to his knees, another shot hitting him in the head caused blood to run down the left side of his face, blinding his left eye. He raised his right arm up in front, defensive using the force to Nagate energy (force point used) and not only block the head shot from happening, but absorbed it. Pain and shock was starting to set in, but he would not give in. Grinding his teeth with a grunt he held out his right arm toward the AT-ST, using the force he lifted it up several feet in the air and slung it at a small group of troopers, crushing them and making the AT-ST useless now that was flat on it’s back.

Raymus wanted to close his eyes and rest, but the sound of another AT-ST told him otherwise. He grunted as he stood up, his left arm still throbbing with pain. The AT-ST was to far to do anything and he was to tied to run away. “Great” he said as he also saw movement of Troopers following behind the AT-ST. Raymus closed his eyes and images of Teresa came to life, her perfume was sweet smelling and her voice… “Raymus, don’t give up. I need you. RAYMUS!” Opening his eyes, the blood had dried and now his left eye was blurring but doable. It wasn’t anger that fueled him, but determination to live and find Teresa. Focusing on the AS-AT that approached he held out his right arm, holding the Force Blast he had to wait… but this time, something was different. It was like a small tornado had engulfed Raymus, with strong winds all around him. The force seemed to go in his hand, and a ball of wind and debris grew in size. Unleashing his force in the blast all he could do was scream, all his strength was being put into this one attack. The next few seconds seemed like a life time, as if time itself slowed down, all at once he release the blast, as did the AT-ST fired it’s blaster cannon. The force of energy flew toward the AT-ST cutting a path and leaving a scar on the surface, it hit it’s mark. Tearing into the AT-ST, it ripped the side off, the force of the blast caused the AT-ST to spin 90 degrees falling on its side, smoke and small fires broke out inside, completely useless. At the same time the blaster bolt Struck Raymus in the left side of his lower stomach, exiting out his back. A burning inside like he had never felt coursed through his body “AAAHHHHHHH!” He fell to the ground, his face laying on his right side, he couldn’t move. He looked at the fields and coughed up blood. He clinched his teeth and attempted to move and failed. Teresa’s image again appeared in his mind. “Don’t die on me, I need you… don’t .. give.. u.” Her image faded, all was blackness. Raymus reached out into Drax’s mind. “I believe in you.” As Raymus fell into unconsciousness he could hear blaster fire, yelling and felt as if he was being pulled…

The plan

“No, I am sorry, I do not recognize the warrior.” He shifts his attention to the plan drawn out on the floor. “Here is the main Dantari communications building. There is a public address system tied into the building that I can call for the uprising through. But we must take the building. You all look like the Imperials. You will have to help us take that building. Once inside, I can alert my brothers to begin the fight. From there, we move to Martyr’s plaza. At the center of the plaza is the access to the underground control center, which directs all communications on Dantari and monitors the asteroid fragments that endanger nearby starships. As long as Imperial forces hold the control center, their vessels can fly freely through space around Dantooine and land troops wherever they wish. After the rebellion begins, I will direct attacks on the outskirts of the city drawing troops away from the building. When word comes of the reduced security at the entrance to the control center, you can then move to Martyr’s Plaza and secure the entrance. If you do so, you will allow the Dantari to take control of the center, which will enable them to keep the Alliance off their world indefinitely. With your tactics knowledge, you point out the need to take a weapons cache first allowing you to arm yourselves appropriately to take on AT-ST’s which, according to Sartok, guard the Martyr’s plaza. While you look over the numbers, Sartok’s mate Ulala arrives and they spend a quiet moment together by the fire as he says what might be his goodbyes.

Drax studied the crude map drawn in the dirt at his feet, for several moments. finally, he looked up. “Aiala…” he said nodding in at her. “I want you to go back to the ship and get 7-A. I want you to use 7-A’s holorecorder to get some footage of what the Alliance is doing to Sartoks people.” Aiala smiled a knowing smile, but let him continue. “When the uprising begins I want you to get that footage, too. I want the rest of the Galaxy to see that they can stand up to the Alliance. The people need hope. Let’s give it to them.”

Next, he turned his attention to Veela and Ray. “Veela, I want you to see about rounding us up some imperial officers uniforms. Maybe we can trick them into letting us in to the communications building. Like Sartok said: We look like imperials. Let’s use that to our advantage.” Veela nodded. “It won’t be easy, but i’ll see what I can do.”

Drax now turned to Ray. “Ray… I need you to take Sartok and some of his fighters. You need to locate and raid a weapons cache. If the disguise plan fails, we’re going to need some heavy firepower to knock out those Walkers. You’re the most experienced soldier. Arm the fighters. Show them how to use the weapons and prepare to lead the assualt on the walker.” Ray stared at Drax for a moment, dumbfounded. “Wh.. What happened to you back in those caves?” he asked. Drax smiled. “Can you do this?” he asked Ray. “Ye…Yeah…” Ray replied as he composed himself.

“What about you?” Veela asked. “What are you gonna be doing, while we’re off running errands for you?” Aiala shot the Jensarri a piercing glance. “I’m going to try to track down this mandalorian that keeps popping up wherever we go. It’s time her and I settled up.” Drax replied, a smile edging his lips as he noticed Aiala’s anger at Veela’s comment about him.

As the group prepared to set out on their various tasks, Sartok approached Drax. “You seem to be a man of action far-traveller. What is your name, so that my people may know the man that delivered them from Imperial persecution?” Drax blushed at the Dantari’s words. “Dr…” he started to answer. “Revan!” Aiala blurted over his words. “His name is Revan.” she repeated. Sartok nodded. ” Very well far-traveller Revan. Let us show these imperials that the Dantari people will not lay down and die at their bootheels.”

Drax stared at Aiala as the Dantari exited the cave. “What?” She shrugged. “I told you. The galaxy needs a hero. Like it or not, you are Revan.” Drax considered this for a few moment s before following Aiala out of the cave.


“Zzzzzkkt…yes sir. Sergeant, bring over the primitive known as Sartok. Please sir, let Lord Wrath know what a good job we’re doing down here.kkkzzzt”

The stormtroopers lead the Dantari named Sartok to the forefront where he looks slightly healthier than the others in the cage. He eyes you warily as they shove him to you with chains on his wrist.” (I assume you will tell him you aren’t with the empire, where he asked you to take him to the mountains where he has some items cached. Not far from your ship actually)

The resistance leader picks up a few cached belongings and asks his guests to sit comfortably. At this point, Sartok is dressed as humbly as any Dantari, but he carries a satchel over one shoulder. The second and fourth fingers are missing from his left hand, and he has numerous scars, including some across his face. He is darker brown than most Dantari, with lighter splotches of skin at his wrinkles and creases. As an older member of his species, he has seen much that he’d rather not have witnessed. Sartok makes a quick sweep of the cavern, checking to ensure that it has not been disturbed. Apparently satisfied, he crouches by the simple fire and motions for you to sit. He takes a few long breaths, then turns and speaks to you. “My world is enslaved, and we have come to realize that no negotiation or appeal to reason can free us. The only way we shall regain control of Dantooine is to take it back by force, which requires us to face the weapons and training of the Empire. That battle must begin here—all other settlements look to us for inspiration and leadership. For the sake of our world, we must take up arms against our oppressors. “The cost shall be high for my people, but they are eager to pay it. The cost for remaining slaves would be higher, and it would be paid by our children and our children’s children. If you will help us, we are ready to throw off the yoke of tyranny, even if we lose our lives. Liberty is too precious to sell for the chance of quieter, safer lives under the dark shadow of oppression. “I have allies throughout the city who are ready to raise arms against the Empire at my signal. We are not a warlike people, but the stormtroopers have shown us the basics of violence, and we have learned the lesson well. Against soldiers, I have no doubt that my people would fight bravely with a fair chance at victory. But the Imperial forces have vehicles—large, metal, two-legged machines of war—that we cannot face. My people fear these machines, and though many would still fight bravely, too many would wait to see if we could topple them. Such an attack would be staggered and lose too much of its impact. Only if many of us take up arms at once can we overthrow our oppressors. “But you are outsiders, and to be standing here, you must have opposed the Empire’s machines successfully. Many of my less confident allies believe that with your aid, even the walking war machines could not stop us. This would give them the confidence to bring enough forces to bear at once. If we can take control of the planetary shields and turbolasers that they have nearly finished building on Mount Antas, we can complete those structures ourselves and use them to defend against further Imperial attack. The first step in such an attack is a citywide riot, which I am prepared to trigger. “I know this world is not yours, that our people are not your people. But if you will aid us, you will always have a place of honor among the Dantari.”

Drax looked back and forth at his allies. “I think I speak for us all when I say we’d be more than happy to help your people, friend Sartok.” Drax considered his options for a moment. (Knowledge:Tactics) “Before we get started, though I need to know if you or any of your allies have heard of a Mandalorian that has recently arrived on Dantooine?” Drax give Sartok the womans description. “If you hear anything about her current whereabouts, I’d be most grateful.”


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