Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

The Banquet

-Drax held Aiala’s hand under the table as they waited for their host to speak. Across from them Ray sat with his arm around Teresa. Loo sat to Drax’s left, devouring his meal. Admiral Swood sat beside Aiala, quietly observing everyone. Off to the side Crash and 7-A mingled with two other droids that belonged to thr Skywalkers. Grand Master Skywalker sat at One end of the table chatting with Ados Maj, While his sister sat at the other making small talk with Captain Virana.

Drax felt overwhelmed by the scene playing out before him. He was eaiting dinner with Luke Skywalker. THE Luke Skywalker. “Breathe.” Aiala reminded Drax, gently kicking his led under the table. “He’s impressive, no doubt.I just..” Drax hesitated. “You just what?” Aqiala asked. “I thought he’d be taller.” Drax blurted, causing Aiala to chuckle.

After everyone had finished eating, Luke stood up. The entire dining hall fell silent. “My sister has told me much about you. You all come here from different walks of life, yet you’ve managed to set aside your differences and work together to achieve our goal: Freedom from Imperial tyranny. We’ve fought long and hard, but the war is not yet over. Your work on Dantooine has not only freed the Dantari, but has cast a light cruelty of the Galactic Alliance. By your actions, you have given billions hope that they too can take a stand against Emperor Moboduwan and his corrupt government. For that, I salute you.” Luke waited patiently, while the audience cheered before continuing. “The struggle is far from over. We still have much work to do. Even as we sit here, countless others still struggle under the yolk of imperial rule. We must never forget the ones that are left behind, or the ones that made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.”

As he spoke images of Maya floated into Drax’s mind. What would she think of all this? Would she approve of his actions? Ray claimed to have spoken with her spirit on several occasions since her death. Drax refocused on Luke as the Jedi Grand Master wrapped up his speech. ”... and so with much admiration, and hope I say: May the force be with you.”

WIth that the crowd stood up and repeated in unison: “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU!” Cheers erupted through the Banquet hall as Ray, Aiala and Drax each took turns accepting medals. One at a time, Leia stepped up to each of them and hung the medals over their neck. “May the force be with you.” She repeated to each of them, a satisfied smile on her face.

Later, as the celebrants left to return to their quarters or report back to duty, Luke and Leia sat alone with the the heroes. “We have much to do.” Luke stated. “Once you have completed your business on Bespin, those of you that chose to accept my offer will join me to begin your training.”

“Those that shoose to remain behind will continue to work with me to bring Bodo down.” Leia chimed in.

Changing subjects Luke looked at Aiala and Drax. “I’m sorry Ms. Saren couldn’t join us.” Aiala smiled. “Veela chose to stay behind and work with the Dantari to help them rebuild and fortify against further Imperial incursians.” Luke nodded. “A noble act. Perhaps she will join us later.”


There was some sick irony in the hug that Aiala gave Drax in front of the wrecked ship that now had caught fire. Grand Master Skywalker had stepped in moments earlier and opened the side of the ship up enough to allow the medics to retrieve Lash.

“Now don’t get your feelings hurt because you ran across someone who’s been doing this longer than you. Don’t forget, he’s had years of training. It’s all he knows. The reason I’m convinced you’re the one and not he is because of the tantrum he threw. All that power you were struggling against was the dark side. Sure, he’s a force to be reckoned with. And I’m sure if Master Skywalker thinks he can work with him, he might be able to do some good with it. But right now, he needs guidance. You or Ray might consider taking that mantle. He could use someone to look up to. But without guidance, all that power TeeO holds right now would just become a corrupt version of his father. Remember, you have the same blood flowing through your blood as TeeO does, only our father purposefully enhanced yours with a little something extra.”

Drax looked over at TeeO. She was right. TeeO had exhausted himself and was now sleeping soundly on a medical cot, hugging the video projector. Leia walked up to the couple who had been standing in an embrace this whole time. “Sorry to interrupt, but I’d like to thank you both for your efforts in saving my ship and for all you’ve done to thwart those who would do us harm in the last few weeks. I’d like to offer a banquet in your honor … tonight, with my brother to give you all some token of our gratitude.”

Ray sidled up, catching the last bit of conversation. You could tell he’d already been offered and accepted the same offer.

Drax started his response with a question. “Why IS your brother here? Isn’t he in hiding? Isn’t it dangerous for him to be out in the public eye?”

“Well, it looks as though we’ve contained the threat for the moment. And wherever my brother is, is the safest place. Apparently, he’s made my entire ship disappear. A little trick he learned from the Fallanassi. Just one of the things you might be able to learn from him if you both choose to go. I hope you do. Now excuse me please as I must check on Captain Virana…he was supposed to report in before now.”

Ray watched the Princess leave and then offered, “Daken’s probably gonna be okay though I doubt he blurts out any secrets for awhile. I checked in with the medical officer also and apparently Lash had reprogrammed one of the medical droids to slowly increase the pain medication Fa’talith was taking. He induced a coma and eventually killed him. Doesn’t seem like a very ‘Jedi-like’ death…”

Drax looked at Ray, one arm still around Aiala’s waist. “Well Ray? Are you going?”

The Final Conflict

“It’s not about the Emperor fool. It’s about loyalty to something. Something you wouldn’t know anything about seeing as how you change sides when the wind blows.” Lash backed into the hall with his eyes fixed on Drax.

“Lash, we have friends on the inside now…there doesn’t have to be bloodshed.”

“You know nothing of bloodshed…but you will.”

Across the ship…

Ray followed the hate like a scent across the ship to the landing bay. There, in the dim light standing with lightsaber drawn was TeeO. Staring into the darkness he had his back turned to Ray. “T? Everything all right?”

Without turning, TeeO answered. “Leave. You won’t stop me.”

“Stop you from what TeeO? Killing someone?”

“He killed my teacher. My father is a criminal, my brother is missing, and I have noone else.”

“Who? Who killed your teacher?”

“That Alliance officer. He’s been poisoning my master. He will pay.”

“You still have us…Maya would not want this.”

“Maya is dead.”

Lash and Drax eased out into the landing bay across the way engaged in some kind of conversation. TeeO turned his head to follow them “NOO! Don’t do it TeeO!”

Drax heard the commotion and yelled across to them. “He’s got a deadman’s switch! Don’t do anything!”

Lash looked at his new adversaries and smiled. “Go ahead boy. I’ll be a hero if I take out the Princess’ ship while she’s on it…not to mention a couple MORE Jedi. HAHAHAHAHA!” Lash held out his hand holding the detonator as if to mock the trio. Until Aiala cut it off. Her red lightsaber appeared out of nowhere just as she did behind Lash. His eyes widened in a silent scream. She spoke in barely above a whisper. “Now TeeO.”

With a motion of his arms, TeeO flung the remaining parts of Lash into the open entry ramp of a shuttle. The door slammed behind him. Aiala caught the deadman’s switch before it hit the ground keeping the hand squeezed. Aiala smiled and winked at Drax until the sounds of metal twisting and stretching could be heard. TeeO was crushing the shuttle with Lash inside. Ray moved closer to TeeO. Close enough to see sweatbeads form on his head as he struggled to finish the job. “NO T! STOP! YOU’LL KILL HIM!”

TeeO pointed his lightsaber at Ray while still crushing the shuttle. “NOT UNTIL HE PAYS! MURDER FOR MURDER! HE TOOK THE LAST PERSON I HAD!”

The squealing metal being ripped and twisted stopped suddenly. Ray had grown silent as he concentrated on the shuttle. “STOP FIGHTING ME!”

THe metal crushing continued as TeeO pressed harder. Overcoming Ray’s struggle. Drax joined in, saving the man just moments earlier he’d wanted to kill.


TeeO closed both eyes and screaming could now be heard from inside the shuttle. It was starting to crush him. Then the metal sounds stopped again. This time all three of them had their attention diverted to the bay doors.Walking out of the shadow were two people all of them recognized. Luke and Leia Skywalker. With but a glance the shuttle started reassuming it’s former shape. TeeO had lost.

“Anger will not bring back your teacher youngling. Do not let it end your promising future.”

Aiala stepped forward. “TeeO…all is not lost. We think we may have found your mother.”

TeeO stared at her with a mix of contempt and confusion. “My mother is dead.”

“We thought so too, but look.” She produced a holovideo of a newsreel from the Holonet news service. It was about the cloud city Sabacc tournament and the visit from the Emperor. “We found it in a datachip on Cato Neimodia. It belonged to a man we think is the brother you seek. He seems to think that this woman in the vid is your mother.”

TeeO stared at the video and dropped the lightsaber. Dropping to his knees he began to cry. “MOTHER?!”

Without noticing, Luke and Leia had closed the gap. The princess spoke. “My brother has heard great things about you and would like to offer a spot in his next class to you Raymus and you as well Drax.”

Luke bowed. “If you’d have me as a teacher.”

Drax glanced uneasily at Aiala as a the small shuttle was set upon by security officers and medical personnel. “You think he’ll make it?” He asked. “Probably.” Aiala shrugged. “He’ll stand trial for treason, probably be executed, but he’ll live through this at least.”

“You going with Skywalker?” Aiala asked without looking over at Drax. “I think so…” Drax replied. “There’s so much I could learn from him. I doubt Ray will take him up, but I think you should come too.” Aiala offered little more than a shrug at this.

“Can I ask you something?” Drax asked. “Sure.” Aiala nodded, not taking her eyes away from the shuttle. “It’s about TeeO… You saw him earlier. It was all Ray and I could do to hold him back and we couldn’t even do that. You seem to think i’m some great chosen one, but his power eclipses us all. Maybe instead of building my reputation up, we should be looking at him as the galaxies hope.”


Drax searched his feelings for what seemed an eternity. Finally the imagine that took hold and burned brightly into his conscience was … Daken??? While everyone else was running for various parts of the ship at the bow, Drax ran aft. Using his memory of the ship and the constant tug every time he came to an intersection he arrived shortly at Daken’s small cubicle. Just in time to see Lash holding Dasha’s head under one arm and firing into a non-moving Daken on the floor. The body jerked when the laser bolt tore through it’s abdomen. Lash pointed to his other hand with the pistol. “Easy boy, I’ve got 3 pounds of thermite and a dead man’s switch right here. I ain’t afraid to eat space and take you with me. Now you need to get on the horn and request safe passage for me outta here or I nuke us and your precious droid with all the answers. And just in case you think you’re faster than me, Commander Omega’s who busted me out and she’s rounding up the kid on the other side of the ship. So you may get me, but you won’t get us both. Sucks having a conscience doesn’t it? I knew you were too weak.”

On the other side of the ship…

TeeO sat on a stool slumped over the body of Fa’talith. When Ray burst into the room, just for a second, he thought he was dead. Then he heard the sobbing. TeeO looked up at Ray, tears streaming from his face. “He’s dead Mr. Antilles. He’s gone.” Even as he spoke, the corporeal remains of the Cerean Jedi faded from view and left only medical gowns. Ray walked up to the boy and put his hand on his shoulder trying to console him. Drying his eyes with his sleeve, he got up slowly and walked toward the exit. “Thanks Mr. Antilles, but I really wan t to be alone right now.” Ray just shook his head in understanding as he watched him go. He turned to examine what used to be the body of the Cerean. He had never seen anything like it before. He should probably follow TeeO and prevent any of the crazies from finding him. That’s when Maya entered his thoughts. ‘It was murder, Ray. Stop TeeO. STOP HIM NOW!” With a sharp twist of his neck he looked back toward the door TeeO left through. It was to the barracks. He wasn’t headed toward the dangerous parts of the ship. Jumping through the doorway, Ray was floored. A gaping hole in the wall between the pharmacy and the hallway caused by what could only be a lightsaber. Ray was overcome by the feeling of fear and hate that still lingered in the room.

Drax gritted his teeth as Daken walked by brandishing his pistol and the detonator. “I’m gonna find you, Lash.” (Adept negotiator)He snarled. Rage welled up in his stomach as he followed Lash out into the coridoor.

“Stay back!” Lash yelled.

“No chance.” Drax replied. “If you’re going to Aiala, then your taking me with you.” (Adept negotiator/persuasion)

Lash grinned callously. “You just can’t believe it can you? Your little sweetheart played you.”

Drax ignored his taunt. “You must be so dissappointed in how your life has turned out, Lash. The grandson of The great Grand Moff Tarkin!” Drax mocked. (Adept Negotiator)

“Shut Up!” Lash yelled.

“Tell me, has all this been your attempt to walk in the old man’s footsteps, or are you so disgusted by his actions that you think helping the new emperor is somehow gonna make up for his sins?” Drax shook his head. “Either way, you’ve failed.” (Adept Negotiator)

For the first time Lash at least appeared shaken. “You don’t know anything about me.” He said coldly.

“You’re wrong.” Drax replied. “I know everything about you I need to know. Look forget all of this. Forget the Emperor! Forget the Rebellion. Let’s get the others and get out of here. We can start over. Let all three sides destrpy eachother, then we can step in and pick up the pieces!” (Adept negotiator/ persuade/ deception with a force point.)


“So, Ensign Evans. Apparently, you sent some packets of information out on a secure channel one day before the Star Destroyer showed up. Do you have an explanation for that?”

Drax sulked in the corner while Ray leaned over the table at the Ensign.

“Sir, as I explained before to my duty officer, I was sending out information to my bookie on Tatooine. I know it’s against regulations but the Lieutenant said it’d be alright during the lunch hour…”

“And this Lieutenant’s name is…”

“Virgil…Lieutenant Virgil.”

An hour later with Lieutenant Virgil…

“So Ensign Evans states you gave him the go ahead to place an improper bet across a secure channel one day before the arrival of our Alliance friends. Is this true?”

Lieutenant Virgil squirmed in his seat. “Look, I already apologized for that indiscretion. But I’m not doing hard time for anyone who doesn’t wear the colors…” Ray looked at Drax. “Who doesn’t wear the colors?”

“That human that arrived with you guys…Dash..or Lash…he arranged it so that my father got out of an Alliance prison…I was just trying to help my dad…”


An explosion rocked the cabin originating somewhere aft of their location. Drax and Ray looked at each other and both exclaimed at the same time…”LASH!”

Running as fast as they could through passageways swarming with crewmen, they forced themselves to concentrate past the blaring klaxons and spinning orange lights that were everywhere on this level.

Arriving at the holding cell that used to house Lash Wyrick, Alliance officer, they discovered two dead crewmen shot through the heart. Captain Virana arrived two seconds later surrounded by two security agents. Ray yelled over the klaxons. “What happened?!”

Captain Virana yelled back, “He’s a &$%# traitor that’s what happened. And apparently,” Virana looked at Drax, “he decided to take Aiala, or should I say, Commander Omega, with him. She’s apparently missing as well.”

Drax glared at Virana, while Ray closed his eyes and reached out through the force attempting to locate the escapees. “Lash is still on the ship, but I can’t find Aiala. Either she’s dead or blocking me out completely. She’s not with Lash at any rate.

“Damn it!” Drax cursed. “He knows there’s no way off the ship. He’s either going after TeeO or the Princess.”

“Or THEY”RE going after both.” Virana added, comtempt edging his voice.

“I’ll check on the boy.” Ray said, turning to head Teeo’s quarters.

“I’ll double security for trhe princess and lock down the hangar bay.” Virana noted as he rushed out of hall.

“Aiala…” Drax said, closing his eyes hoping to reach her. Nothing. At a loss, Drax searched his feelings.

Daken's report

Daken’s report…

The replicant’s are advanced R series droids but not that can be classified by the current system. They use a new age polymer/resin for the skin and have an advanced AI that’s been impossible to achieve due to speed factors. It appears those speeds are achieved using Oluthium gas and a rare crystal of unknown origin (I’m still working on that). This falls in line with what we know because Oluthium is harvested in the Dantooine sector where our friends in the Galactic Alliance have been busy ‘recruiting’ slaves. Judging by the serial numbers on the servos, which were specially designed, I’d say there are two more models out there in this line.

A whole new problem

Drax and Aiala sat in silence for a long time across from each other in the cold featureless cell.

“So where’s Ray?” Aiala asked noone in particular.

“Dunno.” Drax responded.

“Where’s Lou?”


There was another long pause.

“Ay, really, I…”


Aiala folded her arms in disgust and Drax, for the first time, got to experience the ‘darker’ side of relationships.

Drax’s tone shifted considerably. “Now calm down. I think I can get us out of here.”

“You mean YOU…get YOU out of here. My mother’s on her way down here right now to get me out.”

“Well, what about ME? Can she get ME out?”

Aiala sat in silence sulking quietly while Drax awaited his answer. The door opened. It was Ray.

“Hey guys.”

Before the dumbfounded duo could answer, Captain Virana walked in behind him, a new black shiner on his eye….his good eye.

Virana explained. “Drax…MRS. Soruu, Raymus here told us the whole story the second day you boarded my ship. Maya converted him to double agent status and we already knew everything. Ray was keeping us briefed on your whereabouts. We trusted you. There was no need to hit me.”

Drax looked puzzled. “So does this mean we’re free to go?”

Drax and Aiala stood up ready to leave.

“It means YOU can go. There’s still a matter of Commander Soruu striking her superior. I can’t just let that kind of subordination go unpunished. I mean, what would the boys think? Oh, and Commander, Admiral Swood put in a request for your release but, after her and I discussed the need for a tight ship being run, she agreed and withdrew it. See you in a week.” With that, Captain Virana tunred and left.

Aiala stared through Drax. “You mean he’s been a double agent this whole time and YOU had me hit the Captain for nothing?!”

Drax started backing up, “Look Ay, I NEVER said to hit him, I just said stallll…”

WACK! Ray bolted through the door as Drax picked himself up. As the door shut behind them, Ray started talking.

“Loo and Daken have been cleared. Apparently Ados Maj has some connections with Skywalker too. Lash refuses to admit he’s with the Alliance so they’re keeping him locked up as well. Daken’s been recruited to process all the data off of Dasha and find out where all the communications have been coming from. Virana tasked us with interviewing the Ensign. He’s down in detention block G. Don’t worry Drax…maybe you can get an eyepatch too.”

Drax glared at Ray. “You’re joking?” Ray hesitated for a second, noticing Drax’s sudden angry disposition. “Drax… I…” Drax quickly stepped up and grabbed Ray by the collar. “This whole time, you’ve been a double agent? And it never occurred to you to tell me? And don’t give me any of that ‘I didn’t know if I could trust you’ crap! Now Aiala’s sitting in the brig, brooding. You’re so worried about me falling to the dark side! Have you even considered her? Do you know what this is doing to her?”

Drax released his grip on Ray and turned away in disgust. “Tell Virana i’ll find his mole for him, but I want Aiala out of the brig before this is over.”

“He’s not gonna let her out.” Ray said over Drax’s shoulder.

“Then he’s gonna have alot more than a black eye to worry about.” Drax said without looking back.

Raymus showed no expression nor did he straighten his shirt. Walking away from Drax, he didn’t look back.

Time to dance

Lash looked up from his holomag when Drax burst into the room. “We have to talk.” He said. Lash looked at him smugly. “About what?” He said flatly. Using the force, Drax swatted the table that sat between them out of the way. “We have about 5 minutes to explain how you are not actually a member of the Galactic Alliance..” Lash rebelled. “I don’t need you soldier to tell me how to make it through an interrogation.” Drax looked over his shoulder. “Daken gave you up!” Lash bolted upright to his feet. “That slimy little fish bait! Get out of my way, I’ll shut him up for good!” Drax reached out to stop Lash. “Later. Right now, you need to think about what you’re going to say before Captain Virana walks through that door.” Lash sneered. “I’ll deny it. Everyone knows that walking fish is crazy. They have nothing on me.” “They claim,” Drax cut in, “that you’ve sent a message off ship the day before the Alliance ships popped in.” Lash shrugged. “So? I was contacting the weather bureau for Dantooine star system. I was trying to plan for the evacuation of the slaves and wanted to check on the weather. It makes a difference. They can check my story. Once the transmission information comes back, it’ll check out. I didn’t call in Wrath, I don’t like the sumbitch anymore than you do. Besides, why would I? Give him all the credit for my months of undercover work?” Lash was cut short by the sound of something slamming hard against their door. Drax and Lash dashed over to the door and pressed the release allowing the door to slide open. On the floor at their feet lie a very confused and dazed Captain Virana. Aiala straddled him with her fist still curled into a ball. Crewmen armed with rifles beared down upon her with commands to ‘put her hands behind her head and step away from the Captain’. Aiala grinned a mischievous grin and complied. She looked at Drax and mouthed ‘You said to stall him…’ Captain Virana rubbed his jaw and looked at the closest soldier. “Ensign, detain Commander Aiala to the brig for striking a superior officer. And make sure she doesn’t resist.

Drax sighed and shook his head as Aiala was lead away to the brig. “You’ve got a lot of explaining to do.” Virana said, rubbing his already swelling jaw.

“You’re right, sir.” Drax offered. Over next hour Drax recounted his story, beginning with his enlistment by the HRD Omega to his eventual change of loyalties. “As far as I know Loo, Ray, Aiala and myself have switched allegiance. I have been working on Lash and still think there is hope for him, but with this… I don’t believe he was the leak. As for Daken, well is he were leaking information, I don’t think he’d realize it.” Drax sighed as the weight of the world lifted from his shoulders.


Easing out of hyperspace, the band of heroes were still basking in the glow of victory and self assuredness that they had freed a people and made a change in the universe. It was quickly replaced with panic. Less than three thousand meters out, the Resurgence floated through the hyperspace lane now surrounded by, at first count, three more ships from the New Alderaanian league. The Interdictor, the Miasma, and the Zenith now hovered around the familiar Nebulon B frigate like protective parents. Aiala was on the horn immediately. “Virana! What is the meaning of these other ships?” A holovid of Captain Virana appeared, much calmer than Ay. “It’s good to see you too Commander. And due to your unrivaled success in the rebellion department, I will overlook your failure to address me as Captain. I also don’t discuss business over open frequencys. You have permission to come aboard.” With that, the holovid faded. Later, aboard the Resurgence…

Captain Virana entered the conference room already prepared to answer questions. He dove into the thoughts that were already on Aiala’s mind. “After the incident with the Star Destroyer and Lord Wrath, we can no longer risk floating along in space unprotected. Not with the Princess aboard.” Aiala spoke up, “But what…” “We can also,” Virana interrupted, “no longer trust anyone aboard this ship. An investigation has been undertaken and Fa’talith has helped as much as possible. However, during a mind scan yesterday he suddenly screamed out in pain and collapsed again. He is currently in the medical ward under our care but we need edi like yourselves to help find out who is doing this and who is the leak.” He sat back now waiting for the questions he was sure to get. Aiala, surprisingly, just sat there.

Drax leaned forward. “Sir, while on Dantooine we ran into a group of slavers in Jolok’s employee. Their pilot was Dasha, the togruta that was our pilot when we first joined up. Aiala discovered that she was in fact a replicant droid and disabled her. Perhaps, if we can access her… it’s memory banks we can see what she knew of the traitor. I’ll get Daken on it ASAP.”

As he spoke, Drax sent a mental massage to Ay. “We should speak with Lash…”

Captain Virana walked with authority down the corridor on the detention deck of the Resurgence. Ray, Drax, and Aiala finished the complement by walking on either side of him causing crewmen to stop and hug the wall as they passed. “While you were gone, I interviewed or had interviewed just about every crew member who would have knowledge of our jump locations. We have a few suspicious characters in custody that are being questioned including your friend Lash Wyrick and Daken Catesbiana. Both had communications broadcast out from the ship just prior to the Star Destroyer jumping in. Fortunately, that doesn’t automatically condemn them. I also have suspicious activity from a…” Virana consulted a log..”Crewman Evans and Lietuenant Virgil. Aiala and Drax exchanged glances. Aiala spoke up. “I should probably question Lash, he would probably trust me over some Joe.” Virana removed his hat and wiped his forehead in a nervous way, “Sorry Commander. Your security clearance gives you access to that information and, as such, you are under suspicion. We were waiting on your return to interview you. A formality I’m sure…”

Excerpts from the D. Catesbiana interview:

Resurgence log Alpha: 227E – Crew member Daken Catesbiana Interview conducted on Detention Block E, interview room C Interviewing officer: Captain Virana

CV: Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions Daken. May I call you Daken?

DC: That is my name … I don’t understand…

CV: Nevermind. Have you had time to look at the Togruta Replicant Droid you knew as Dasha?

DC: Oh yes. It is QUITE the masterpiece. I haven’t gotten as much done on it as I’d hoped but some of the workmanship is just remarkable. I mean the rerouting of the subsystems alone is genius.

CV: In your opinion, will you be able to salvage any information from it?

DC: Probably. It has signs of a mass upload upon termination of the unit, but I’ll have to dig further to see if there is a hard copy in the unit.

CV: Okay, we’ll get back to that. And forgive me for the next set of questions but they are required. Have you, or have you ever, been affiliated with or worked for the Galactic Alliance?

DC: SURE! As a matter of fact, I may be in the middle of a mission. I’m not sure. You’ll have to ask my commanding officer.

CV: Which is…?

DC: Lash. Lash Wyrick.

“Dast!” Drax cursed as he watched the moniter. He and Aiala sat in an adjacent room viewing Virana’s interview with Daken. “Damn it!” He cursed again as he ran out of the room, Aiala on his heels. He didn’t have long to act. Virana would ask Daken a few more questions before crossing the hall to interview/interrogate Lash. While he was no longer loyal to the emperor, Drax knew that Lash was still on the fence. With Daken’s damning accusations, there was a good chance all three would be sucked out an airlock.

“Wait here and stall Virana!” Drax ordered Aiala as he rushed into the small holding cell currently occupied by Lash. “We have to talk.” He said. Lash lookd at him smugly. “About what?” He said flatly. Using the force, Drax swatted the table that sat between them out of the way. “We have about 5 minutes to explain how you are not actually a member of the Galactic Alliance..”

End Chapter 7

End of Chapter 7


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