Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

Digging deeper

“Room Service!” Drax stared confused at the door while his comlink lit up. “Just a second!” He made his way to the door, digging through his overcoat looking for the beeping device. Opening the door, a human with a neural implant device wheeled a cart into the room. Drax protested, “I didn’t order any…” His protest was cut off by the opening of the domed lid on the cart’s plate. In the center of the plate rested a datachip. The human smiled and backed out of the room. “If that will be all.” “Yeah, thanks.” Drax answered his comlink. “Drax here.” Gresik’s voice breaks over the comlink. “Didja get my lunch order?” “Yeah buddy. I got it.” Drax slipped the chip into his communications center and slid into his chair.

Missive from Coruscant: Transaction codename REVELATIONS065824 set to occur during Cloud City Sabacc Tournament as planned. The Twilek has assured us that his agent will be present to receive the handoff. An officer from the Assiduous will be taking part in the tournament. The transaction will occur during play so as to avoid arousing suspicion. You are responsible only for observing this transaction and making sure that the Twilek’s agent does nothing to endanger the secrecy of the arrangement. Under no circumstances are you to interfere with the transaction. Once the transaction is complete, send a confirmation message to Coruscant standard relay 88-Shen- Xesh-3, then return to Byss. No further instructions will follow.

According to Gresik, Crash was able to tap into the city’s central computer to keep an eye on all communications and sensor data flowing through spaceport control. Moments ago, an Imperial I class Star Destroyer whose transponder identified it as the Assiduous dropped out of hyperspace on the edge of the system, escorting a Gallofree Yards Medium Transport (callsign Shackles of Dantooine). The Star Destroyer launched a single Theta-class shuttle, which set a course for Bespin. The Assiduous promptly jumped to lightspeed, leaving the Medium Transport behind. Though Gresik doesn’t think that a single shuttle will bring much trouble, she warns you to be on the lookout for an Imperial presence.

Old Friends...

Drax entered the casino floor and gazed around casually. The tournament didn’t start for another twenty four hours, but he wanted to get a handle on the lay out. That and he had heard that an old friend of his was working here.

Drax looked up at one of the several cameras that had fixated on him and smiled. Reaching into his pocket he produced a small datachip. Dropping it onto the floor he turned and made his way to the registration booth.


As he sat alone in his hotel room, Drax shuffled his Sabacc deck. He hadn’t played in awhile, but he wasn’t too concerned about that. He’d be ready.

A buzz at the door interrupted his shuffling. “Come in.” He said into the comm-unit. The door wooshed open and a rather dishevled bothan hurried inside. “Gresik!” Drax said grinning from ear to ear. Drax hopped up from his chair and embraced his long lost friend.

“They… They told me you were dead!” Gresik muttered.

“Heh heh. Reports of my demise have been mistaken.” Drax chuckled.

“You look so different!” Gresik said rubbing Drax’s now blond hair. “Where have you been? How did you survive the explosion?”

Drax held his hand up to signal his friend to allow him to speak. “It’s a long story. One I really want to share with you, but I don’t have much time.” Drax put his hand on Gresik’s shoulder. “I need your help, old friend.” He said with a now serious tone.

Gresik hesitated. “Look Draxy, I’ve cleaned up… Gone straight. After we got busted, They gave me a second chance. I work for Lobot now. LOBOT!” He repeated the name for emphasis. “If he even catches wind that i’ve been talking to you, they’ll toss me overboard!”

Drax nodded. “I understand, brother. And I wouldn’t have come to you, if there were some other way…” Drax hesitated to contue, until Gresik nodded his head signaling his willingness to hear his old friend out. “I’m working for the Rebellion, now.” He stated bluntly. “As you know i’ve entered the tournament. There is someone of great importance participating in the tournament. Someone that I need to find. His name is Lesan Dos. I don’t know what he looks like, yet but when I do, I’ll need someone with eyes on the casino floor keeping tabs on him. This would be were you come in. With you running the security cameras, you would not only be able to track his movement, but could also make sure my associates and myself stay inconspicous to and holovid surveilance.”

Gresik sat with a dumbfounded look on his face. “I don’t know Draxy… I’ll have to think about this. Like I said, if I get caught, it’s over for me.”

Drax nodded. “I understand, brother. I have someone scouting for Dos as we speak. I should know what he looks like withing the hour.” (If Teresa is able to locate him.) “I’ll need to know if your in as soon as possible.”

Gresik nodded and stood up to leave. “I’ll think about it.” He said.

“There’s one more favor I have to ask of you.” Drax stood up.

“Sure what is it?” Gresik asked.

“The room across from this one. There is some data on a computer terminal in it. I need to get that information before the tenant returns. Crash here can help, but he’s not got enough juice to do it alone. Can you help me out? For old times sake?” Drax asked.

The Casino

The Baroness

The Baroness Kithriss out for a walk…


Crash follows the well protected woman into the street where the throngs of people are intimidated out of the way. Her whole personality changes as she becomes her public self. The crowds of people cheer her as they recognize her as the Emperor’s new girlfriend. A mob forms around her as people struggle to get a look at the new ‘chosen’ date of the beloved Emperor. Crash soon loses her in the crowd.

Using his newfound powers of persuasion, Drax deftly maneuvers himself into a suite at the hotel across the hall from their newest problem guest. Her name, according to records, is Baroness Kithriss a wealthy noble from Chandrila. The logs show that prior to coming to Bespin, she spent a great deal of time on a political retreat in the Deep Core, seemingly at Mobodu’wan’s behest. Baroness Kithriss’s messages include instructions to meet up with her “retainers” and travel to Bespin, securing accommodations at the Yerith Bespin hotel and awaiting further instructions. She is to maintain complete communications silence except to receive instructions on her hotel computer. The Baroness is in possession of her hotel access card.

A job

When you do a bit of asking around, you find out quickly that Jacc Mandelbrot, head of security for the Royal Casino, has been hiring a private security force to help keep things safe at the casino during the tournament. With a little diligence, Ray sets up an interview with Mandelbrot about joining his security force. Jacc Mandelbrot is a large, boisterous man in his late 40s who has run security for the Emperor for decades, and though he is a shrewd businessman, he is friendly and excited to see capable beings taking an interest in the security of the tournament. After a few cursory questions about you (where you are from, what brings you to Cloud City, whether you have any outstanding warrants, and so on) and running your name through the Imperial database (which, with a bit of help from Aiala you were fine), Mandelbrot makes you an offer: provide security for all four days of the tournament at a rate of 500 credits per day. During that time, Mandelbrot will arrange special permits for you that allow you to carry your normal weapons, ignoring Cloud City’s usual restrictions. If you accept his offer, Mandelbrot gives you your weapon permits immediately and tells you when to arrive and where to go. During the tournament, you will guard the doors, helping to ensure that no one gets in with an illegal weapon.

Raymus shakes Jacc’s hand and smiles happily. “Mr. Mandelbrot, I accept, thank you for giving me this opportunity.”
A mother of a guest.

You head over to the Yerith Bespin Hotel to get a room figuring that’s the best place to get close to your mark. Or for that matter to find your mark. The Yerith Bespin is one of the oldest and finest hotelestablishments on Cloud City. Every room is spectacularly appointed, and it’s easy to imagine that only hotels on Coruscant are nicer. If the heroes stay in the Yerith Bespin, their every need is addressed by the hotel staff, and they can spend their downtime enjoying almost any luxury activity found in upscale hotels throughout the galaxy. The opulent Yerith Bespin hotel is decorated extravagantly and is clearly one of the finest establishments in the galaxy. Beautifully woven carpets stretch from one side of the lobby to another, and crystalline chandeliers hover overhead, casting scintillating light down on the guests below. To one side of the room, a row of fine wooden desks house computer terminals for hotel employees, each of whom is helping finely dressed guests check in. One guest, however, seems to be taking issue with the service and is berating the hotel employee tending to her so loudly that everyone in the lobby has turned to stare. The Human female, dressed in the style of Core nobility, speaks with a precise accent even as she shouts at the desk worker, complaining about how unsuitable she finds the accommodations. Just across the lobby, a small entourage of four Humans and two near human women waits patiently for the shouting customer to air her complaints. They also notice that the two women near humans appear to be identical and are watching the woman’s every move carefully and seem to be scanning the room looking for threats at the same time—clearly, they are bodyguards of some sort. You notice one other important detail. The four male humans are very similar; in fact, they could be quadruplets and are distinguished only by the scars they bear. After a few moments, the argument at the desk subsides, and the noblewoman seems to be mollified. She briskly strides over to her entourage and begins issuing orders in hushed tones while the hotel staff rushes off, apparently to see to her requests. The noble gathers her party and stalks off into the streets of Cloud City. The two women, attired in padded jumpsuits with small pieces of armor attached at the shoulders, thighs, and forearms, stand close to a Human woman who is obviously of nobility, and likely from a Core world. Wait…she looks a lot like TeeO’s mom! While the trio remain close together, the four nearly identical men carrying blaster rifles fan out and take up positions as if looking to defend a bunker on a war-torn battlefield.

Drax kneels down to one knee in front of Crash.”I need you to follow her, pal.” He whispers. “Just keep your distance and see where she goes. Signal me when they arrive wherever they’re headed.”

As the small astromech whirls around and pursues “TeeO’s Mother”, Drax turns and makes his way to the front desk. “Whew! Talk about attitude!” He says to the unnerved employee. “Who was that lady, so i’ll know not to tick off in the future?” He says trying to appear friendly. “Also I need to my hotel key. I believe you have my reservation.”

The game is afoot.

The Smilin’ Sarlacc dipped slowly out of the clouds on Bespin revealing the floating colony known as Cloud City. Spaceport control came over the intercom immediately informing the heroes of the approved approach. Unlike most worlds, the approved approach just happened to take the ship over the more ‘wealthy’ parts of the city to show off the more opulent sections. After an hour delay, Aiala greases the wheels of government by ‘offering’ a bribe to the landing officer. Within minutes, the Sarlacc touches down. Cloud City is a beautiful tourist city that also serves as a major mining outpost for the collection and spin-sealing of Tibanna gas, which is used in blaster weapons. When walking through the corridors of the city, the heroes are treated to beautiful vistas of the gas giant Bespin, and architecture designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Most of the residents of Cloud City are Humans, though occasionally the heroes will see a handful of Ugnaughts walking close to one another in tight packs. The Ugnaughts seem to keep to themselves and are mostly ignored by the Humans. Cloud City Wing Guards (the security forces of Cloud City) stand watch over most of the major thoroughfares in the city, and rarely is one very far from the heroes. Many of the businessmen and nobles walking through the corridors of the city have their own security escort, but they seem to pay no attention to the heroes, regardless of their appearances or species. Most residents on Cloud City are too concerned about their own wealth or recreation to spend much time worrying about galactic politics, and there is no visible Imperial presence in the city. The Cloud City Wing Guard keeps a close eye on anyone acting suspicious, especially this close to the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament. They are always on the lookout for someone possessing weapons, but in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for the tourist trade, they rarely shake down visitors unless there is a clear reason to do so. The atmosphere in the city is one of buzzing anticipation, as the tournament has drawn visitors from all corners of the galaxy, as it does every year. Aiala directed you to head over to the Yerith Bespin hotel. She knows they have a contract with the Alliance to provide the most luxurious rooms and thinks you’ll probably find Dos there. Her, Teresa, and TeeO will stay on the ship for now and monitor communications. She hands Drax a credit chip. “Here’s $10,000 credits. Don’t lose it. It’ll be your entry fee into the tournament. It’s the only way you’ll get close enough to the participants to monitor Dos’ activities. Ray, I suggest you try to find a man named Jacc Mandelbrot. He’s head of the Emperor’s security. My guess is, he showed up here two weeks ago and took over security. See if you can convince him to give you a job. They hire out all sorts of personal contract labor for security otherwise they’d never have enough.”

“I’m gonna try to locate an old friend of mine. Maybe he can help us locate this Dos guy’s room.” Drax says as he exits the shuttle. “7-A. Crash. You two come with me. I need to look important. Having a couple droid assistants will go a long way in that regard.”

(Since we’re re-doing this, I want to try to locate Gresik. Also, To help disguise himself I’ve bleached my hair blonde and am wearing the equivelant of sunglasses, much like a poker player would.)

Happy Beginning

Raymus stood in front of the alter, Virana stood facing him. Raymus mind raced with questions causing him to shift his stance and look around nervously. “Psst” Getting Ray’s attention, he turned and looked in the direction of the noise. Drax spoke in a whisper. “You ok? You sure you don’t want to wait? I mean..” Ray shook his head “I’ll be fine. Thanks again for being here.” Drax smiled proudly. “There’s no way I miss this. Besides, being the best man has it’s responsibilities.” The sudden music startled them both, they looked toward the entrance.

Everyone had gather for Raymus and Teresa’s marriage. Luke, Leia, Aiala, TO and other close friends. Drax of course was chosen as the best man and Virana was marring the couple. The wedding went as planned and afterwords the celebration.

Later that evening Raymus talked with Drax;

“Teresa and I have talked and…”

“About…” Drax questioned

“We’re going to ask T.O. if he would like to come with us, be a part of our family.”

Drax didn’t seem surprised. “Good, I know he’ll be safe.”

Raymus changed the subject. “Though I’m not going with you to Master’s Luke academy, If you need anything, don’t hesitate…”

Drax interrupted “I know, and same goes for you as well.”



Episode VII


The search for answers is ongoing. Friends have become enemies and enemies, friends over the last few weeks. Powerful allies have been gained and lost. Friends have abandoned them and saved their lives. They have done some life saving themselves. Now there are but a handful left of the stalwart heroes that began this journey as members of the Tempest’s Hand. Drax Akari, Raymus Antilles, Aiala Soruu, Terran Mobodu’wan, Lrroowwrr, and Daken Catesbiana. With the help of a few droids, Seven Ay and Crash. Now their identities have been compromised and they are wanted men and women. Still struggling against oppression everywhere, they can, with the help of the resistance and a few powerful allies like Luke Skywalker, maybe make a difference and hold true to the legacy that Maya Ariel once pushed them toward.





“Thank you all for coming. I know you all had a long night last night with the after party and celebration. Unfortunately, it has to be a short lived celebration for now. We all have work to do. I’ll turn it over to Admiral Swood for an update on the replicant droid. Admiral…”

“Thank you Admiral, and congratulations on your promotion. We have finished processing the data from ‘Dasha’s’ head and thanks to Aiala, we now know who is behind it. Commander?”

Aiala stepped up with her prepared notes. “As an explanation of my actions during the recent jailbreak, I would like to take this opportunity to explain what happened first. Admiral Swood arranged for me to be able to escape my cell so that I could pretend to be Commander Omega and ‘fake’ an escape for our friend Lash. I would like to add that I did this without Captain, I mean Admiral, Virana’s knowledge but we had to be sure there wasn’t a secondary leak. I instructed Lash, as Commander Omega, to escape and that I would get TeeO. Knowing he probably had already received orders, I followed him to the research facility. Unfortunately, I couldn’t prevent the near death of our friend Daken. But we did gather valuable knowledge. I knew if he got his hands on the data, he would immediately try to upload it to the Alliance facility involved. We traced that transmission and have discovered it leads to the newly constructed Tempest’s Tower on Coruscant. It is here that we think Wrath is secretly directing the funds and resources for Project Revelation. Unfortunately, we cannot rely on my codes anymore to get us into the tower but we have another clue offered by Ray’s fiance’ Teresa. Teresa?” The svelte young darkskinned girl stood up, obviously nervous to speak in front of an audience. “I worked with a man named Lesan Dos from the ISB office on Coruscant when I was a slave directing communications on Dantooine.” She quickly sat back down. Aiala picked up where she had left off. “Lesan Dos is on the list of competitors for the Sabacc tournament on Cloud City. We, of course, don’t think this is a coincidence.” Aiala sat back down and Admiral Swood took back over. “We would like you to compete in the tournament and see if we can get the codes off of Mr. Dos or at least coerce his cooperation. But we must be careful. The Emperor will be in attendance and security is sure to be high.” TeeO jumped to his feet. “What about my mother!?” Admiral Swood couldn’t help but grin. “And perhaps we could find out if this woman really IS TeeO’s mother.” Ray showed concern, “How will we know this Lesan Dos?” “We have no photos of him but Teresa should be able to identify him.” Ray started to protest. Teresa cut him off. “Don’t worry Ray. I want to help.” Any questions? Please consult the packets you’ve each received containing notable players in the tournament. Please decide amongst yourselves who will compete for Ariel industries. Our fake business front named in honor of the late Maya Ariel.” The packet contained the following notable competitors: Creeska Silas Draver Lady Mirana Fioro Koroma Moro Vorn Zaday

“Now please watch the following Holonet News report to get an idea of what TeeO’s mom might look like.” Romi winked at the boy. Emperor Mobodu’wan and a beautiful blonde spotted yesterday. Is there a possible new Empress in our future? Emperor Bodo Mobodu’wan was spotted out on the town in the upper Palisades portion of Sector 246 Coruscant, Coruscant station with a fresh young blonde on his arm. The bachelor Emperor is known for his free living lifestyle and is the idol for millions of sentient species across the galaxy. Could this be the girl he’s been looking for? Millions wait with baited breath to see if she will attend the Intergalactic Annual Sabacc tournament held at the Royal Casino on Cloud City next week where the Emperor is slated to make an appearance. Security is tighter than normal for the tournament where thousands hope to catch a glimpse of the Emperor hanging out with some of his favorite Sabacc stars. This reporter has been told that the beautiful blonde is a Princess from a planet in the Core Worlds and hopes to bring happiness to our already wonderfully happy leader!


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