Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

The First to Strike


Episode VII


It is a time of rebellion in the galaxy. Members of the New Alderaanian resistance have won a major victory against the Alliance, and more battles are close at hand. The Alliance’s mistreatment of non-Humans continues throughout the galaxy despite the policy against xenophobia, as Wookiees, Mon Calamari, and other species are forced to work as slaves on Imperial projects. Aboard the Resurgence, Master Fa’talith has peered into the Force and discovered another group of oppressed beings, ones who might hold the key to unlocking the mystery of Project Revelations. . .

After you’ve had the chance to rest for a few days, Captain Verana calls you all into the main conference room. Fa’talith, TeeO, and your latest convert to your cause, Veela Saren a human Jensaari. Fa’talith speaks, “Thank you for coming. I know that you have many demands on your time. As I had hoped, our friend Maya’s loss was not in vain. Thanks to her excellent tutelage by the Princess, she managed to download much information from the laboratory on Mondu Codru onto Seven Ay here and I thank you again for your assistance in recovering it. With its aid, I have deepened and lengthened my meditations and have begun to understand the glimpses I receive with greater accuracy. Unfortunately, the galaxy is filled with great suffering, and the cries of whole worlds oppressed come through the Force most clearly. In particular, I have been hearing cries for help from what I believe to be the homeworld of the slaves involved in Darth Wrath’s secret project. Having seen and heard them more clearly, I now believe that Maya may have known more than she let on when she contacted you Raymus. These prisoners were Human, but more specifically, they are all from the Tatoo system.” Ray’s ears perked up, “Teresa’s family is from Tatooine!” “I passed this information to Senator Organa, and she sent a few discreet inquiries to Aldera University. It seems that the this system may have been chosen due to it’s relationship with Luke Skywalker. They never joined the Republic and thus have no representation in the Senate so they are less likely to call upon them for aid. The Alliance has a small force on the mining planet Adriana, the third world in the Tatoo System, but has been reassigning those ships for some weeks. The slaves are native to Dantooine, the only planet in the neighboring system. Since the Alliance has no official interest in Dantooine, it seems likely that they have made raids on Dantooine for slave labor, perhaps originally to run the mines on Adriana. But they might have left some records or clues on Dantooine about the Revelations Project. Also, the people of Dantooine might make useful allies if the Alliance has mistreated them. Though there is little information about Alliance activity in our records, Captain Verana has managed to locate hyperspace coordinates for Dantooine in his navcomputer. He’s willing to drop us by there if you’re willing to check it out for us. I ask that you take a trip to Dantooine and investigate its treatment at the hands of the Alliance. Proof of Imperial depredations might give Senator Organa additional influence in the Senate, and if the Dantooine people are interested in opposing the Empire on a widespread basis, we might be able to assist them.” Drax offered, “What about the Cloud City tournament?” Captain Verana answered, “It’s still on but it’s been delayed by two weeks. Presumably because of our missing Inquisitor Omega. I’m sure they had to revise their plans when their main gun came up missing. After the decision was made, it was just a matter of telling the Cloud City governor that the Emperor wasn’t showing up for two weeks. He’s such a pull for the crowds and business, they pushed back the tournament to coincide with his visit.”

An introduction...

Veela, with her head still cloudy from the bacta tank, as well as the prior torturous experience, wonders why she’s here.

“Obviously, we have similar paths,” she thinks, “Master Fa’talith is Jedi, as well as these two apprentices, or padawans …was that the word?”

She’s glad to be alive, even if the bacta leaves a funny taste in her mouth.

She feels the look of the men’s stares as someone is mentioned, Maya, was it? “Apparently, she’s the one who saved us all,” she thinks.

“I know they wonder if they made the right choice: to let Maya sacrifice her life instead of mine,” she thinks as she reads their emotion.

“They don’t trust me; but I wouldn’t be at this table if Master Fa’talith hadn’t made that decision already; so there is a reason I’m here and it’s not for them to question their master; now, I just need to discern this reason for myself,” she thinks.

For now, Veela is content that she’s on the right path to fulfilling her destiny with the force.


I agree, but unfortunately the internal wounds may take longer to heal. I appreciate the warm welcome I’ve received.

Where may I get another lightsaber? Whatever-her-name-was, Lady Sigma Nu??, destroyed mine.

Raymus walks up to Veela while looking at Drax and Aiala leaving, shaking his head with a smirk on his face, he extends his hand and greats Veela warmly. “Glad you’re up and moving around, thankfully your wounds weren’t life threaten.”

“Well I’m glad you can join us. We’re gonna need all the help we can get I’m afraid.”

“If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I’m sure Daken can help you with any information you might need.”

Drax turns and wlks over to Aiala and whispers something in her ear. They leave together.

“I’m pleased to meet you and thank you for the welcome, as well as saving my life”

“The answer is rather odd. To make a long story short, my master had agreed to send some of our apprentices to train with Master Skywalker. Of course, this was before he was forced to go into hiding from the new galactic alliance.”

“I couldn’t wait; I was too impulsive and impatient. So, I set off on my own, to find Master Skywalker. I was captured by complete surprise and recognized as a force sensitive being. I never found where he was located and was tortured harder when they realized I was a runaway and had no viable information for them. I was fortunate enough to mask my origins, so they’ll never find my homeworld, but I nearly died for my mistake.”

“I have a series of recollections, but nothing substantive; just bits and pieces between black-outs. I remember nothing of my rescue.”

“Luckily, I wasn’t stripped of my clothing, but they did destroy my lightsaber; and I had just finished constructing it before I had left. I’m not sure I look forward to making a new one, but now that I’m confident with that skill, it will only take me one try in the future.”

Drax approaches Veela after the meeting. “Hello. My names Drax. Sorry if I haven’t had much to say to you. Been kinda busy. Anyway, justwanted to welcome you to the team. Also, if you don’t mind me asking… What exactly were you doing down there?”
Your answer

Aiala steps into the common room and answers the question with a smile. “That’s where I come in.” She’s got one arm linked the the crook of Drax’s arm and seems as though it’s a brand new day. “I’m going with you to Dantooine. With Maya gone, you’ll need someone to fly your ship and someone to teach you how to use those lightsabers once you make them. After all, I have been through the process once. I’ll have the crew run a checklist on the Maelstrom. We’ll be on our way in no time.” Like a school girl on the last day of school, she tiptoes up and kisses Drax on the cheek before she leaves. “Get your gear together boys, we’re headin out in 2 hours!” She turns to leave but is met by Captain Verana coming in, in a hurry.

“Scramble the fighters! If you can fly it, get in it. We’ve got company and I don’t mean for lunch!” Pointing at the viewscreen, the entire field was filled with a familiar modified old Gladiator class Star Destroyer. It was Omega’s Crimson Avenger. “Someone’s told them where we were!” Ray cried. Everyone looked at Aiala. “Don’t look at me! I’m not Omega!” “We’ll figure that out later men, in the meantime, get to your ships!”

(Captain Verana expects each of you to fly an X-Wing into battle. You don’t have to have pilot, theyre easy enough to fly without it.)

Here we go...

Drax sat in the cockpit of the X-wing. He barely noticed his hands shaking. His eyes darted back ond forth as he studied the console. After a moment, he fired up the repulsers.

The X-wing jerk and tossed as it rose off the tarmac. Drax gently pushed in the throttle guiding the fighter out of the airlock, clumsily into space. DRax heaved a sigh of relief as the X-wing pulled away from the Resurgence. In space the ship seemed to handle better. With no gravity working against him, Drax felt much more comfortable.

“This is Alpha One. Please sound off.” An unfamilier voice came over the comm. It was Schooner, one of the Resurgences top X-wing Pilots.. “Alpha Two sounding off.” Rays voice returned. “Alpha Three, sounding off.” Veela chimed in. “This is Alpha Four, sounding off.” Drax jumped in. “Alpha Five, Sounding off.” Came an Teeo’s voice over the com.

“All Alphas form up on me.” Schooners voice crackled over the comm. A lump formed in Drax’s thoat. “He we go…” He whispered.

We're pilots?

“Battle alert!” Lieutenant Arno Schooner’s voice crackled over the comm unit. “TIE Interceptors coming in—bearing two-nine-three, mark twenty.”

Drax keyed his comm unit. “Three Flight, on me. Hold it together and nail some squints.”

The cant-winged Interceptors rolled in and down on the Rogues. Raymus kicked his X-wing up on its port S-foil and flicked his lasers over to quad-fire mode. While that would slow his rate of fire, each burst had a better chance of killing a squint outright. And there are plenty that need killing here.

Raymus nudged his stick right and dropped the crosshairs onto an Interceptor making a run at the Resurgence. He hit the firing switch, sending four red laser bolts burning out at the target. They hit on the starboard side, with two of them piercing the cockpit and the other two vaporizing the strut supporting the right wing. The bent hexagonal wing sheered off in a shower of sparks, while the rest of the craft started a long, lazy spiral toward the outer edges of the system.

“Break port,Three.”

As the Gand’s high-pitched voice poured through the comm unit, Schooner snaprolled his X-wing to the left, then chopped his throttle back and hauled hard on the stick to take him into a loop. An Interceptor flashed through where he had been, and Veela’s X-wing came fast on its tail. Veela’s lasers blazed in sequence, stippling the Interceptor with red energy darts. One hit each wing, melting great furrows through them, while the other two lanced through the cockpit right above the twin ion engines. The engines themselves tore free of their support structure and blew out through the front of the squint, then exploded in a silver fireball that consumed the rest of the Imperial fighter.

“Thanks, One.”

“My pleasure,Three.”

Crash, the red and white R2 unit slotted in behind Drax, hooted, and data started pouring up over the fighter’s main monitor. It told him in exact detail what he was seeing unfold in space around him. The New Alderaanian’s forces had come into the fight in the standard conical formation that allowed them to maximize firepower. The Crimson Avenger had arrayed it’s forces in more of a bowl shape, with Interceptors ringing the outer edge, preventing retreat and promoting containment. The Alliance forces also appeared to have very specific fire missions and were working over the smaller support ships working on the Resurgence. With a flick of his thumb, TeeO evened his shields out fore and aft, then throttled back up and slashed in at a pair of Interceptors making a run on the Resurgence. He slid his crosshairs over on the trailing Interceptor as it began its shallow glide along the Frigate’s hull. His quad burst caught most of the port wing, liquefying it in an instant. The molten metal froze in a long black tangle of ribbonlike shards trailing after the damaged fighter. The pilot juked his ship to the right to escapeTeeO, but that flew him straight into a burst from one of the Frigate’s turbolasers, vaporizing the squint in an eyeblink.

The lead Interceptor rolled to port and cut down past the curve of the Frigate’s hull. Drax caught a flash of red on one of the Interceptor’s wings and nodded. “Looks like he was once part of the One Eighty-first Imperial Fighter Group. They used to be feared. Maybe I ought to see why.”

Crash, the R2 assigned to Veela sounded a mournful tone.

“Yes, I know what I’m doing.”

The droid blatted harshly at him.

“Yes, I’ll be careful. Neither one of us wants to know what Aiala will do to the survivor if we die.” Drax winked at the holograph of Commander Aiala he had taken to carrying, fixed to a side panel in his cockpit, then rolled his X-wing and cruised down after the squint. He threaded a path through the turbolaser blasts the Frigate was pumping out, then swept past the ship out near its engines

Even before Crash could hoot a warning, the hiss of lasers splashing themselves over his aft shields caught Drax’s full attention. His secondary monitor showed the Interceptor dropping in on his tail. Must have throttled back and hovered near the engines, waiting. This guy is good.

Pumping more energy into his shields, Drax rolled the X-wing right, up onto the S-foil. He pulled back on the stick to start a loop and held it for three seconds, then cut his throttle back and inverted. Pulling back harder on the stick, he completed a fast loop, then throttled up through the end of it and rolled out right.

As his fighter’s nose came to point at the Interceptor, the Allie pilot rolled his craft and dove away from Drax. The crash course pilot started down after him, but cut back to 75 percent of his speed. As he anticipated, the Imp cut his speed as well, hoping Draxwould race past him. Instead Drax triggered one quick burst of fire that hit high on the Imp’s port wing, burning a black hole through the red stripe. He then stood on his right rudder pedal, keeping his guns on the squint, and poured another quad burst of laserfire into the Interceptor exploding it into a ball of flame and gas.

Next was Raymus. He opened fire on the squint he’d been chasing for the last two minutes. All four ruby darts drilled through the port wing, then stabbed deep into the cockpit. A bright light flashed through the hole the lasers had opened, and Ray expected the ship to explode, but it didn’t. Instead it began to come apart, with bits and pieces of it whirling away as if the bright flash had disintegrated all the rivets and welds used in its manufacture.

Veela had her guns bearing down on the T.I.E. but after seeing it disintegrate she looped her X-wing away from the dying squint, but before she could vector in on another Interceptor, she heard Captain Verana coming through on the squadron’s tactical channel. “All Alphas, come about on a heading of one-two-five, mark one-seven. That Red Bastard is trying a gravity well generator, we’re ready to bolt. All aboard.”

“But we’re winning! Now?” The same surprise Drax felt in his chest came flooding through TeeO’s voice. “That’s a stupid move.”

“Easy T, check your port side and you’ll see why the Captain is retreating?”Ray’s reply came loaded with griman adult tone. “If we can get into the ship, we’ll be lucky. One Flight is on me. Five, you have Two Flight. Three, you have Four and Five.” Just coming out of hyperspace were two more Interdictor Cruisers and a Victory Class Star Destroyer.

“As ordered, Lead.” Drax brought his fighter around on the appropriate heading and thumbed his comm. unit. “Estimated time of arrival is forty seconds. Let’s move, Three Flight.”

Veela pulled his X-wing up on Drax’s starboard wing. TeeO brought Alpha Five up on Drax’s port wing and Ray, in Alpha Two, hung back off TeeO’s port wing. Drax goosed his ship a bit forward and shifted his attention toward their target, trusting the others to keep him informed if Allies were vectoring in on them from behind.

Your intercom crackles to life. “It seems as if I didn’t give you enough credit for being resourceful,” Wrath says, his eyes betraying a hint of respect. “But now the time for deception has ended. Despite your persistence, as well as your luck, you must admit that you are outmatched. Shut down your engines and prepare to be boarded.”

Drax stared at the holovid, a smirk etched on his face. “Surrender?” He chuckled. “From where i’m sitting, you boys may have bitten off more than you can chew.”
A Week later...

(We will come back to the story of who was letting the coordinates leak but I’m leaving in a few days and want to move ahead to the next story arc)

Hyperspace fades, and the stars find their rightful positions again as you arrive in the Dantooine System, far enough from Dantooine to avoid any starship with sensors sharp enough to find you. A Message to Spacers broadcasts automatically, warning travelers to be cautious of rogue meteor fragments. You can see that the system has one planet, of which is ringed by fragments from a large asteroid belt between the second and third planets. There’s a lot of rock in nearby space. Then all of your ship’s sensors and warning alarms go off at once, and it’s easy to see why. Between you and Dantooine, emerging from the dust cloud that surrounds the world, is a Star Destroyer! It’s an older, smaller model than the new Imperial class that the Empire is producing, but it’s still a fully functional capital ship, with an escort of TIE fighters. Having just escorted a transport ship of a type you’ve seen before) out of Dantooine’s orbit, the Star Destroyer turns and heads toward you. The Imperial ship makes no effort to communicate with you, and its approach is direct—and hostile. Chatter over the transceiver reveals additional ships in the system. At least two other Star Destroyers are in orbit around Dantooine, though nowhere near your position. Dozens of starfighters, mostly TIEs and V-19 Torrent models, are also in orbit around the planet. A few other ships, including bulk carriers and personal starships, are flying about in the planet’s atmosphere, below the dust cloud. At least one ship still orbits Dantooine, maintaining an Imperial presence there. From the sound of the chatter, it’s another old Star Destroyer design, though perhaps a bigger design. Whatever it is, you don’t want to be sitting in orbit if it decides to investigate. Once you are within Dantooine’s atmosphere, visibility clears up slightly. Any effort to scan the surface visually or listen to incoming communications reveals that there is only one major city on the whole planet. When you begin to examine the city or look for a place to land, you must prevent their ship from being spotted by Imperial ground patrols or TIE flyovers. The high level of dust and poor visibility will help, but additional action is required. Many caves and valleys can be used to conceal your ship, but getting into these locations is tricky at best. The city is a major metropolis, but it’s also the only big city you find anywhere. You can see starship traffic, proving that the city has a spaceport—most likely, the only one on the planet. The city is built on a flat, rocky region between a large mountain and rough badlands of valleys and hills. There is construction on the mountain overlooking the city, but from here it’s impossible to tell exactly what’s being built. Starship traffic is regular enough to suggest the presence of more than just Imperial forces and the local population. A few small freighters, manufactured by numerous different companies, are landing or taking off. Given that they lack any sign of Imperial markings or identification broadcasts, they are probably privately owned, meaning that at least a few members of other species will be found in the city, making it easier for you to move around there. Though they are nowhere near you, you pick up transceiver broadcasts from patrols on the far side of the city. If you want your ship to remain undiscovered, you’ll have to make some effort to conceal it once you land.

Choose your own Adventure

Aiala finished unpacking her gear from the cockpit as the rest of the group positioned the tarp over the YV 666 light freighter. It was Captain Verana’s personal ship but he had loaned it out to the group because of the importance of the mission. Ray smiled as he passed the hand drawn insignia on the outside of the cockpit. “Smilin’ Sarlacc” With a large picture of the Sarlacc monster even Ray had heard about, this ship could never be mistaken for military. Aiala spoke softly so everyone had to listen intently, “Okay people, we’re in the Acklay mountains. I can’t help you any further but to tell you this. This is the set of mountain ranges where the crystals for your lightsabers grow. You unfortunately can’t just pick them up off the ground. You each have provisions for 3 days in your packs. Use the force and let it call to you. Drax spoke up…”Is this where Revan found his?” She pointed down to the valley. “That set of caves.”

I’ll be gone or out of pocket til June 12th. This is an opportunity for you guys to roleplay away from each other. I picture Luke going into the tree to fight Darth Vader on Dagobah. You can only go by yourself…I cannot help you. If it’s good everyone gets bumped a level when I get back.

Down the Womprat Hole

Drax gazed down into the valley. He…Revan had been here before. He could sense it. Drax closed his eyes and reached out with the force. As he did, he found himself being drawn downward. A hand on his shoulder startled him. Opening his eyes he found himself staring over the ledge into the ravine. Fortunately, Ray had caught him, before he fell. “We may want to wait until we get down there to start using the force.” Veela offered. “Come on.” Ray said. “I’ll get the climbing gear out of the ship.”

Drax sat quietly, while the others prepared for the descent. “You okay?” Aiala asked, taking Drax’s hand in hers. “Yeah…” He answered. “It’s just… I’ve been here before. I mean I haven’t, but I remember things about this place. Like deja vu. Something important happened to Revan down there.” A concerned look came over Aiala’s face. “Just be careful down there.” Drax stared at Aiala for a moment, grinning. “What?” she asked. “We can’t have the savior of the Galaxy dying alone in some cave.” She defended her concerns. Drax

“You coming?” Veela sked as she hooked her climbing harness up to the cable that dropped down into the Valley below. “It’ll be dark in a few hours. We should try to reach the caves before then.” Drax glanced over at the Jesaari, before turning to face Aiala one more time. She gently, caressed his cheek and smiled warmly. “Are you okay?” He asked. “Of course. Why do you ask?” She stated, snapping back into a more serious posture. “You’re just acting different is all.” Drax answered. Drax watched as her face turned red at this observation. Instinctively, Aiaila switched modes. “Just hurry up and get back here. We need to be back in time for the tournament.” she said sternly.

Drax smiled, considering Aiala’s weak defenses before turning to go help Ray and Veela prepare for the descent. “You ever do a descent like this?” Ray asked. “Other than back on Modru Codru? No.” Drax answered. “You?” he asked. “A few times. Back with the 31st brigade. We ran several missions on Kashyyk. Lot’s of trees. Lots…” He stated warily. “Anyway. I’ll go first. You go next. Then Veela.” Ray stated. “Just take your time and go at your own pace. See you on the ground.” Without another word, Ray turned and appeared to run over the side of the cliff. Drax looked over the ledge to see his friend, hooked on to cable by his harness, running down the side of the mountain. Drax chuckled at how easy Ray made it look.

“You’re up.” Veela said from behind him. Drax hooked his harness onto the cable. Instead of the suicide run that Ray favored, he turned his back to the edge of the cliff and slowly eased over. “Here goes nothing…” He said as he eased off over the abyss.


Raymus descended down the side of the ravine quickly and was at the bottom. He unharnessed himself and decided to look around. “How can anything live in a…” Ray stopped in his tracks and listened more closely. A woman’s voice was just above a whisper. “Rayyy… Rayyy, I’m in here.” Raymus’s ears perked up as he recognized the voice. “TERESA! Teresa, where…” He stood in front of cave, to dark to peer in, he tried to adjust his eyes, he was hesitant to enter. “RAY HELP ME!” and that’s all it took, Ray jolted in, his legs acted before he realized what he was doing, he was gone, as if the cave itself had swallowed him up. He was now separated from the group.


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