Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

Leap of faith

Veela Saren watched her two Jedi brothers descend into the blackness, down the cliff face. She heard Drax yell for Ray and then felt the presence of …something. “This place is strong with the force,” she thought.

So, she let herself go; she felt the force begin to send forth …how to describe it …tentacles, I suppose will work. But, not like a plant, with an every growing, creeping vine; more like a Sarlaac, sending tentacles outward for something to capture, whatever it felt, and bring back that information and data for her mind, or even the sub-conscious to process.

She felt her area of force awareness begin to grow, her sphere emanating about her. She could sense the ship, the cliff edge, and the plant life growing in the crevices, nooks, and crannies within the stone. She felt the insects buzzing inside the sphere, as well as the ones on the edge flitting in and out of her force bubble. She also began to feel the presence of something much larger than herself, something beginning to call to her and begging her to come down the cliff. It didn’t speak to her in a language, but sent her mental images. It was like looking through holo images on her datapad; although couldn’t go back and forth through the images. It showed her Jedi, ancient from the looks of them, attempting to acquire their crystal; a pictorial history of the Jedi’s attempt. If she had attended the Jedi academy before the Emperor had ordered Darth Vader to eliminate all the Jedi, she may have recognized some of the faces as a previous master with whom she had learned.

And then it stopped. It now seemed to focus on her. It began to make her feel like she needed to start her journey to her crystal, or two; for she had decided to build two lightsabers, since she’d planned on using one in each hand to fight.

The new images, however, seemed rather odd, but logical. The force presence showed her companions descending the rope, but it showed her removing her harness and using to the force to float down. She felt rather calm at the prospect of trying to float to the valley floor. Then the presence flashed an immediate rebuttal. She felt that she should either float or scale down the rope, but try to do neither; her pessimism may lead to her fall.

Veela then sent out an even stronger force presence, expanding her own personal awareness sphere. She’d seen her Jensaari master raise and levitate object, even large ones, with the use of the force, but now she was about to “do” this with her own body. It was also a very long distance to the valley floor, not a few feet off the ground, like in her practice exercises.

She felt herself grow lighter than she’d ever experienced, not unlike the feeling of a broken or malfunctioning grav-compensator failing on a ship in outer space taking on a zero-g atmosphere. Her force sensitivity could detect the edge of the cliff and the empty space outward from the edge. Veela stepped off the ledge and out into the empty space.

Once she left the ledge, she felt the valley floor rush towards her feet; her force sensitivity seemed to be closing the distance to her destination. She gained a greater sense of the cliff as she descended, the mental image fleshed out the cliff face from a mere plateau, at the top, to a holo of the outer cliff wall.

She knew Jedi, by using the force, could leap long expanses, high distances, or even fall long distances without sustaining injury, but this was different; she was moving herself like the rocks she had stacked so may times as an apprentice. Nevertheless, Veela, never broke her concentration, and found herself on the valley floor next to the end of the rope.


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Leap of faith
Chanfan Jedimaster

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