Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

The City...

The city of the Dantari has no name. None is needed, as it is the only settlement larger than a town on the entire side of the planet. The Dantari refer to it as ahdjok, but this is nothing more than their word for “city,” and the Empire hasn’t bothered to assign it a name. Its position behind Mount Antas protects the city from the worst of the planetary dust, and it has a large, flat area on which to build a spaceport. As a result, the city has been the main point of contact between the Dantari and offworlders. It sits atop an underground river, which provides an endless supply of fresh water. This, combined with offworld trade, allowed the city to grow much larger than local agricultural conditions would otherwise permit. It is a traditional pilgrimage site for Dantari worldwide, making it a convenient location for the Empire to gather slaves. The city is sprawling, with 10- to 15-story buildings crowded around wide streets and public fountains. Most of the city looks old, constructed of stone and natural caverns. Ancient statues of rock and ornate decorative carvings are worked into most buildings, and even the roads are paved with carved stones. This must be a city home to the primitive Dantari peoples rather than the human farmers mostly found on this planet. More modern constructions can also be seen, mostly watch-posts bolted onto buildings or gates that block access to some streets. Posters, wanted signs, and recruitment fliers for the Empire have been plastered everywhere, ugly debris atop the city’s natural charm. Most of the creatures you see are obviously locals, the Dantari. None seem to carry weapons, not even something as crude as a knife or club. Their heads are generally downcast and their shoulders slumped, but whenever one glances at an Imperial poster or flyer, it looks up, and a flash of hatred shows briefly in its eyes. Though much less common, aliens from dozens of worlds also walk through the streets. Most are followed by one or two Dantari carrying heavy bundles of goods. The aliens go by without comment and are diverse enough that you see no reason your own appearance should draw unwanted attention. The Imperial presence here is also obvious. Stormtroopers in small groups patrol openly through the city, and in the distance you can hear the mechanical stomp of military walkers, though nothing as big as an AT-AT would fit in the streets.

Drax looked around the city streets as the both the locals and the alien visitors bustled along their way. “Where should we start?” Ray asked. as he came up beside Drax. “I’m not sure.” He answered. “We definately need to stay clear ofthe Stormtroopers. Maybe if we checked out some of the wanted posters. Aye? Veela? What do you two think?”
“I agree,” Veela says. “The less attention we draw to ourselves, the better. Let’s try to find a way to make our clothes look as native as possible.” Veela thinks for a minute …”I would also think that being caught with weapons, would severely diminish our success; as much as I hate to go unarmed, but this time it may be a necessity,” she states.
Drax smiled. “We have the force at our discretion. I think we will be fine without our blasters. Hopefully we can finish constructing our lightsabers once this mission is over.”
Raymus had already removed his armor and left it in his room along with his blaster. “Ready whenever you two are. No reason to split up, we stay together to lessen our chances of being mugged or worse.” Patting Drax on the back he smiled at both his companions. “Lets go.”


Chanfan JL_Sentinel

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