Star Wars: Ressurection of Hope

The game is afoot.

The Smilin’ Sarlacc dipped slowly out of the clouds on Bespin revealing the floating colony known as Cloud City. Spaceport control came over the intercom immediately informing the heroes of the approved approach. Unlike most worlds, the approved approach just happened to take the ship over the more ‘wealthy’ parts of the city to show off the more opulent sections. After an hour delay, Aiala greases the wheels of government by ‘offering’ a bribe to the landing officer. Within minutes, the Sarlacc touches down. Cloud City is a beautiful tourist city that also serves as a major mining outpost for the collection and spin-sealing of Tibanna gas, which is used in blaster weapons. When walking through the corridors of the city, the heroes are treated to beautiful vistas of the gas giant Bespin, and architecture designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Most of the residents of Cloud City are Humans, though occasionally the heroes will see a handful of Ugnaughts walking close to one another in tight packs. The Ugnaughts seem to keep to themselves and are mostly ignored by the Humans. Cloud City Wing Guards (the security forces of Cloud City) stand watch over most of the major thoroughfares in the city, and rarely is one very far from the heroes. Many of the businessmen and nobles walking through the corridors of the city have their own security escort, but they seem to pay no attention to the heroes, regardless of their appearances or species. Most residents on Cloud City are too concerned about their own wealth or recreation to spend much time worrying about galactic politics, and there is no visible Imperial presence in the city. The Cloud City Wing Guard keeps a close eye on anyone acting suspicious, especially this close to the Cloud City Sabacc Tournament. They are always on the lookout for someone possessing weapons, but in order to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for the tourist trade, they rarely shake down visitors unless there is a clear reason to do so. The atmosphere in the city is one of buzzing anticipation, as the tournament has drawn visitors from all corners of the galaxy, as it does every year. Aiala directed you to head over to the Yerith Bespin hotel. She knows they have a contract with the Alliance to provide the most luxurious rooms and thinks you’ll probably find Dos there. Her, Teresa, and TeeO will stay on the ship for now and monitor communications. She hands Drax a credit chip. “Here’s $10,000 credits. Don’t lose it. It’ll be your entry fee into the tournament. It’s the only way you’ll get close enough to the participants to monitor Dos’ activities. Ray, I suggest you try to find a man named Jacc Mandelbrot. He’s head of the Emperor’s security. My guess is, he showed up here two weeks ago and took over security. See if you can convince him to give you a job. They hire out all sorts of personal contract labor for security otherwise they’d never have enough.”

“I’m gonna try to locate an old friend of mine. Maybe he can help us locate this Dos guy’s room.” Drax says as he exits the shuttle. “7-A. Crash. You two come with me. I need to look important. Having a couple droid assistants will go a long way in that regard.”

(Since we’re re-doing this, I want to try to locate Gresik. Also, To help disguise himself I’ve bleached my hair blonde and am wearing the equivelant of sunglasses, much like a poker player would.)


Chanfan Doubledeuce

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